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Lorri and Darwin Briggs are not real estate agents; they are homeowners. So why, then, is this Florida couple so uniquely qualified to discuss the headaches inherent in the showing process and what reduces stress for sellers?

It’s simple, really.

In the course of a three-decade marriage, they’ve sold five houses in four states. So they’re quite familiar with the process, especially its inefficiencies.

“I cannot stress enough,” Lorri says, “how hard it has been to keep track of showings. Missed phone calls … misunderstandings of dates and times … getting the house ready to show, corralling the kids and pets out of the house only to find out it was the wrong time. There’s a reason moving is one of the most stressful things in life.”

But then something wonderful happened.

For their most recent home sale, Lorri and Darwin engaged a Realtor who used the ShowingTime Appointment Center from ShowingTime, the Chicago-based technology company dedicated to wringing inefficiencies from the real estate scheduling process. And, as the Briggs happily discovered, the Appointment Center’s service offering wasn’t just for Realtors. As part of their subscription, Realtors can enable their sellers to download ShowingTime’s mobile app.

And that’s exactly what the Lorri and Darwin did, to great effect. Suddenly they were able to manage showings from the convenience of their smartphones or tablets – anything with an Internet connection, really.

“I fell in love with ShowingTime immediately,” says Lorri. “I was amazed at how user-friendly the app was. It had everything I needed to know in one handy place … past showings, future showings, how many showings last week, how many in last 30 days. It was so awesome.

“Not only did it help me keep organized and on top of prospective buyer traffic, but it clearly showed anything that I still needed to respond to. Every morning I would review our showing times and plan accordingly,” she said.

Both elegant and intuitive, ShowingTime’s mobile app also allows sellers to view feedback, which proved a godsend to Lorri. “All of the important statistics – even the buyer feedback – were easy to view. The feedback even helped to back up our suspicion that a price reduction was in order.”

Another feature for sellers working with a Realtor that uses the ShowingTime Appointment Center: email capabilities from within the app.“Under ‘Actions’ I could email a report complete with pie charts to my husband while he was traveling for business!” Lorri enthuses. “He loved this!”

Selling a home is never a simple proposition. Fraught both with logistical and emotional stress, a homeowner can use every bit of help available, anything to make this most important of life decisions feel like the right thing to do. And that’s where ShowingTime excels.

Faced with 24 showings in a 30-day period, the Briggs leaned on ShowingTime to reduce the confusion and inefficiencies of showing their house. “Using ShowingTime’s mobile app meant that I didn’t have to receive phone calls, yet didn’t miss any showing requests,” says Lorri. “I get too many phone calls and love any way I can reduce that. Phone calls take time and so the app makes my day more efficient.

“There were times at work or in a doctor’s office where I couldn’t talk, but I could make a few silent swipes and clicks on my smartphone to confirm a showing. When driving, I knew I could respond via the app as soon as I stopped the car. Using the app also meant I didn’t need to write anything down! No pencils or paper; everything all in one handy place,” she added.

“The next time I sell a house I would not even consider a Realtor that didn’t use the ShowingTime Appointment Center,” Lorri continues. “Having ShowingTime is such a big plus for me.”

With products and services being used by more than 900,000 real estate agents in 53,000 offices across 250 MLSs to schedule more than 4 million showings every month, ShowingTime continues to make the process of selling a home a rewarding experience for both Realtors and sellers.

Do you spend too much of your day scheduling and confirming showing appointments? Learn how the ShowingTime Appointment Center helps free up your time to focus on other tasks to grow your business.