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To state it simply, where weather is concerned you never know what’s going to come up.

In 2016, for example, Winter Storm Jonas covered the East Coast in snow, shutting down the “city that never sleeps,” our nation’s capital and many other cities in between. For real estate offices, some rescheduling undoubtedly occurred.

It might have been for showings, meetings with prospects, or even signing closing papers. In addition to agents having appointment issues, real estate office staff probably couldn’t make it into their offices, so phones went unanswered. Chances are there were more than a few calls to reschedule showings, or calls from prospective buyers, and perhaps sellers asking what’s going on.

We’re glad to report that ShowingTime customers were covered; our products offer flexibility for any office and any situation, even at a moment’s notice.

The blizzard is one notable example of something that can come up. Most of the time, though, you won’t have the benefit of a forecast, and those trying to reach you won’t know the reason behind your unexpected silence. Family emergencies, broken cars, sick employees or children; there’s a long list of things that can happen out of the blue.

When the unexpected occurs, ShowingTime has your back. For offices using the ShowingTime Appointment Center service, regardless of the weather we’re always open, 24/7/365, to take appointment calls for you.

For offices using our Part-Time Appointment Center, they have an on-demand option: if your front desk staff can’t make it in, or the power goes out, or your office needs to be closed for a holiday, the Appointment Center can take your calls and keep scheduling showings for you.

If you got stuck and showing calls were missed, we’d love to tell you more about the ShowingTime Appointment Center’s Full-Time, Part-Time and On Demand services.

You never know what’s going to come up.

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