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You sold your listing and the seller was so impressed with your work they gave you a glowing testimonial. Congratulations!

But how can you turn one client’s kind words into more clients and more business?

There’s no one answer. And that’s a positive because there are many different avenues from which to share your positive reviews. But before we get to that, let’s start with the most important part:

How to collect testimonials.

Come up with a simple, three-to-five question survey that’s easy to hand to clients in paper form, or use any number of online surveys and email them a link. Questions you might ask include:

  • “How responsive was I to your calls/questions?”
  • “How helpful was I throughout this process?”
  • “Which part of the process was most enjoyable for you?”
  • “How did you feel about the level of service I provided?”
  • “Would you be willing to give me a testimonial on video?”

The last question isn’t for everyone, but some clients might enjoy being in front of a camera … even your smartphone camera! Brief videos will also help you mix up your testimonials – we’ll go more in-depth on video later – and share them via different formats, such as …

Basic communication.

If you get a short, money quote, don’t be afraid to tack it on at the end of your emails, on the back of your business card or on a flyer. If you send a monthly or quarterly newsletter, put it at the bottom of every page or have one full page dedicated to showcasing several testimonials with a well-designed layout.

You can do the same …

On your website.

Use a couple of killer quotes at the top of your website or on the side of it. Have a testimonial page solely dedicated to your success stories – and don’t forget pictures, whether it’s a simple headshot or a portrait of a happy family and their new home.

If you have in-depth testimonials, you can write detailed blog posts featuring success stories or case studies highlighting certain clients. There, you can break down the process from contact to close and share the role you played in helping your client find their dream home or selling their house.

And, of course, all that content can be published and shared on social media.

Back to video: it can be a powerful tool. More and more people are digesting information via video than the written word, so it makes sense to go down that road for testimonials. Videos don’t have to be professionally shot or a big production, but here are a few tips we found that makes sense.

We recommend using testimonials in all of these ways so you can strategically take advantage of your clients’ kind words by using them to continue to grow your business.

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