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Homeowner Mike Dihel could not be more excited for his upcoming wedding. But, he faces something previous generations in his family never did: the burden of selling the home he purchased while single.

It’s a growing trend in real estate: today’s couples tie the knot progressively later in life (28 being the average age in 2013, compared to 25 in 1990 and 21 in 1960), and thus both partners may own homes they want to sell before purchasing one together.

Such was the situation Dihel and his new wife faced; as he helped with his wife’s sale, he realized wasn’t happy with the Realtor, whose lack of follow-up on showings was troubling.

They decided to move on to another Realtor, who happened to use the ShowingTime Appointment Center to help manage showings and feedback.

A Chicago-based technology company, ShowingTime wrings inefficiencies from the real estate showing appointment scheduling process.

“I can tell you, as a home seller, I love the near-immediate response and feedback ShowingTime provides,” Mike said.

The Dihels were so impressed with their initial exposure to ShowingTime that when it came time to sell Mike’s house, they downloaded ShowingTime’s mobile app, which helps sellers – when authorized by their listing agent – to manage showings and view feedback 24/7/365, all from the convenience of their cell phones and tablets.

Instantly, it proved a godsend.

“Selling a home is the owner’s responsibility as well as the agent’s. To keep track of showings can be very cumbersome,” he said.

“Having a central repository of information in ShowingTime’s mobile app is so helpful. It provides me with the analytics I need to understand if my Realtor is getting the number of showings needed to sell my house. It helps us understand if the home is priced appropriately and, if not, where it needs to be,” he added.

“Before using the ShowingTime mobile app I maintained a spreadsheet of times, dates, and comments … if my Realtor even received them.”

Both elegant and intuitive, ShowingTime’s mobile app is a breeze to download and operate. “It took about 30 seconds; there was nothing difficult about it. Once my Realtor authorized our use, I received an email with download and device authentication instructions and was off and running. The app is very intuitive and nice looking; everything I need is right there.”

Mike said the app is terrific for “instant” showings, too.

“Buyers can come in for a showing with just 30 minutes lead time because, unlike the old days, my Realtor doesn’t have to play phone tag,” he said.

“Now, the showing can be confirmed via the app in seconds. This streamlines the process, letting us get more buyers into the home. It improves their experience, too.”

Mike said selling a home can be frustrating, but not with ShowingTime.

“I truly appreciate how ShowingTime helps manage the showing process better than more traditional methods. You don’t get a second chance at a first impression and it comforts me knowing that the first impression is about the home, not the scheduling process.”

With products and services being used by more than 800,000 real estate agents in 53,000 offices across 230-plus MLSs to schedule more than 3 million showings every month, ShowingTime continues to make the process of selling a home a rewarding experience for Realtors, sellers and buyers.

Download the ShowingTime mobile app so you and your sellers can request and confirm showings, manage showing feedback and share listing activity reports.