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Sometimes, getting feedback after a showing appointment is the most difficult task residential real estate listing agents face.

What can you do?

It’s time consuming to call showing agents to ask about the showing; it’s equally challenging for the showing agent, who may have taken their buyer to view several listings, to remember which listing you’re talking about.

One solution is to have an assistant handling this follow up, but that can get expensive. And it still involves countless calls, voicemails, and phone tag. Another, less expensive solution is to use an appointment center service to not only schedule the showing, but automatically get feedback for you.

How It Works

As an example, the ShowingTime Appointment Center – a service used by MLSs, offices and agents – works on your behalf to get feedback for you.

  1. After an agent shows your listing, they will automatically receive a feedback request – with a photo of the listing – from you. The request can include your company logo and your photo.
  2. The agent sees your customizable questions, which you can change to get the answers you want.
  3. The agent answers the questions, then clicks ‘submit’ to send their feedback directly to you. This can be done by clicking links in the request, or even from a smart phone, making it even easier for them to provide the feedback.
  4. If the showing agent doesn’t respond, the request goes out two more times. This increases the chance that you’ll get feedback you can share with your seller.

Why It Works

Without you having to do anything, you’ve automatically prompted the showing agent with all he or she needs: a reminder of the listing (your listing photo is displayed); a simple form that takes seconds to complete; and a ‘submit’ button that sends the feedback to you.

Why It’s Important

Honest feedback from other agents, on behalf of their buyers, helps listing agents coach their sellers. One of your questions might be on price; if several showing agents say the price is too high, you can tell your buyer what the market is saying. A price reduction might be in order, leading to a quicker sale. You’re not the bad guy though; the feedback from potential buyers helps convince the seller that the price should be adjusted.

Seller Access To Feedback

Your sellers get their own private website to see all the activity going on for their listing: feedback, appointments scheduled, past showings, ads you’ve run, open houses, etc. It’s another benefit you provide, which can help you win new listings, too.

Getting feedback can be difficult, but using a service – such as the ShowingTime Appointment Center – can make your job easier. At price points that any agent can afford, you just might get your listing sold faster. Now that’s a smart investment.

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