If you’re a new real estate agent just starting out, there’s a good chance you might feel a bit overwhelmed shortly after the initial excitement of receiving your real estate license.

Sure, you’re now part of the industry. And, hopefully, you’ve been able to join an established office that can show you the ropes while you break in — or, at the very least, you’ve been able to find a mentor.

But for those agents who haven’t yet gotten that far and are anxious to get their career started, figuring out where to begin can be daunting — especially if you have no way to generate leads without a database and have no current listings, no buyers and a small sphere of influence.

So, what’s a new real estate agent to do?

First, set a clear and realistic goal.

Do you want “X” listings within a month? Or would you prefer to get your feet wet serving as a buyer’s agent for a while?

Decide, then get to work.

Just because you don’t have listings to market or showings to schedule doesn’t mean you have nothing to do. Business just won’t appear out of nowhere, after all.

But how do you generate leads without a database? Here are six ideas:

1. Traditional Prospecting

Nothing beats the boots-to-the-ground method of actually getting out into the areas where you want to gain market share.

Walk through subdivisions and hand out fliers, send a direct-mail campaign or a newsletter with a contest or quiz, which will encourage winners to reach out to you. Also consider the time of year; hand out “Back to School” bags or Halloween candy with your business card.

And, of course, get on the phone and call …

2. Expired/FSBO Listings

Or reach out to them via direct mail or email.

For expired listings, don’t explain why you’re reaching out or speak poorly of their previous agent. Simply let them know how the market’s doing, what listing price they should expect and other insights that display your knowledge.

Implement the same strategy for FSBO listings. By sharing detailed charts and graphs, perhaps you can open homeowners’ eyes and show why they’d benefit from your knowledge and services.

3. Be Visible in the Community

Get out in the community and be a regular member of groups in areas that interest you.

Do you enjoy going to the gym? Ask if you can post a flier promoting one night a week where you can hold court and be available to answer any real estate questions.

Are you an active member of your church? Do something similar once a month during a post-service coffee hour.

Being available for and reaching people who already share similar interests as you will help them keep you top of mind for when they — or their friends and family — are ready to sell or are looking for a home.

4. Be Active on Social Media

In today’s social media influencer climate, it’s possible to build and spread your brand without being a full-fledged expert.

Although it’s debatable whether that’s a positive or negative of the social media world, the fact is it’s true, so you might as well take advantage it.

Be active and engaging on social media. If you share interesting, relevant and educational content, chances are you can be viewed as an expert — whether or not you actually are yet.

“Technology enables new agents to come out of the gate looking like they’re smooth, smart and polished,” a San Francisco Bay Area agent told Inman News in a 2017 survey. “That gives the consumer the perception that they agent is ‘seasoned.’”

Read more on how technology can help level the playing field between young agents and veterans.

6. Master Your Website

Along the same lines as social media, having a crisp, professional-looking website can make you look more experienced than you actually are.

“Within 24 hours, an agent could have solid a digital presence with all of the tools in place to actually transact,” a New Hampshire broker said in the aforementioned Inman News survey.

Your website is also a great way to grow your online profile and improve chances of getting online leads through high-quality SEO blog posts.

Another way to grow your database is to create a piece of gated content — think “5 Things First-Time Homeowners Need to Know” or “4 Inexpensive Updates Than Can Increase Your Asking Price” — to grow your email database so you can eventually start sending a monthly newsletter.

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