Every day, thousands of real estate professionals use ShowingTime to manage showings. For those who have access to a ShowingTime showing management solution as an MLS benefit, they likely enjoy the convenience and simplicity of the aptly named ShowingTime for the MLS. If that describes you, you already know how ShowingTime for the MLS helps you streamline your business, enhance your client service and gain a high-level overview of all your showings.

But did you know that ShowingTime also offers a host of upgrades that you can leverage to propel your business even further? The reason? Savings. Simply put, ShowingTime upgrades offer ways to save that can pay immediate dividends.

For an idea of just how agents benefit from upgrading their ShowingTime service, see below for five frequently leveraged savings they enjoy.

Saving Money with ShowingTime Front Desk

ShowingTime for the MLS is perfectly tailored to the showing management needs of many individual agents. But the needs of the individual agent is very different from the needs of an office. In addition to scheduling, office staff must keep tabs on leads; track activity by listing, agent and office; and keep important client and listing information organized. Together, this can demand the attention of multiple staff dedicated solely to keeping everything managed.

ShowingTime Front Desk is an all-in-one solution that makes handling all those responsibilities easily manageable by an office’s existing staff. In addition to providing tools to simplify requesting, confirming and managing showing request calls and appointments, ShowingTime Front Desk also offers a host of reporting tools to easily track and assess all office activity.

ShowingTime Front Desk

ShowingTime Front Desk’s streamlined interface makes overseeing vital administrative tasks easily manageable by existing staff, removing the need to hire new staff to handle an office’s workflow.

With ShowingTime Front Desk, offices gain a key tool to make efficient use of existing staff, an outcome that will be apparent on the bottom line.

Saving Time with ShowingTime Live Connect

A single listing alone can generate 10s of calls a day, and answering them, jotting down relevant notes and logging them for easy retrieval can be a significant time sink for the already overburdened agent.

ShowingTime Live Connect is an upgrade available for users of the ShowingTime Appointment Center designed specifically to remedy that all-too-frequent commitment. The add-on gives agents 24/7/365 access to live specialists who answer all calls, take messages and pass them along to the agent by text, email and/or as a push notification with the ShowingTime mobile app. This not only allows agents to access messages at their own convenience while still giving clients the extra attention that comes with a voice on the phone, it also gives them access to a log of messages for reporting and reference purposes.

Saving Client Peace of Mind with the Pricing Benchmark Report

Even the most veteran agent could be forgiven for dreading “the talk” – that is, the inevitable conversation with clients concerning their asking price. It’s easy to see why: sellers understandably expect to get as much as they can, and they expect their agent to help them get it. But sometimes an asking price needs to be tweaked to reflect market conditions to earn an offer, a situation that can prove contentious.

The Pricing Benchmark Report is a powerful tool to help agents have this sometimes-stressful conversation while helping clients gain peace of mind that it’s the right decision to make. That’s because the Pricing Benchmark Report provides a detailed look at meaningful data on comparable listings within a market, such as showing activity and days on market, supply and demand, and pricing reduction data.


The Pricing Reduction Report is just one of the handy tools the Pricing Benchmark Report provides that can help you offer clients authoritative insight that’s sure to remove the sting from any pricing conversation.

Because the data is local, current and exportable into easy-to-interpret charts, the Pricing Benchmark Report can be used to introduce some much-needed objectivity into pricing conversations to assure clients they’re making smart decisions.

The Pricing Benchmark Report is available for users of the ShowingTime for the MLS, ShowingTime Appointment Center and ShowingTime Front Desk in select markets.

Saving Sleep with the ShowingTime Appointment Center

A good night’s sleep can be worth its weight in gold. But as any busy agent can attest, the growing expectation from clients that agents are available to answer showing requests calls at all times day or night means that uninterrupted sleep can be rare indeed.

Thankfully, the ShowingTime Appointment Center’s 24/7/365 showing coverage is just what the doctor ordered for helping agents get some well-earned sleep while still meeting their clients’ expectation that you’ll be able to respond to showing requests right as they come in. That’s because the ShowingTime Appointment Center includes access to live appointment specialists who answer showing requests calls on your behalf, in addition to scheduling and confirming appointments.

Saving Showings with ShowingTime LIVE Video

Even in the face of concerns around the pandemic, buyer demand remains high. Yet in-person showings remain infeasible in many parts of the country, including many of the hottest markets.

Enter ShowingTime LIVE Video. The one-on-one live video showing platform is integrated into ShowingTime’s showing management platforms, giving agents and their clients the opportunity to hold interactive showings from the comfort of their homes using their smartphones without needing to create any additional accounts or download separate video software.

Whether to keep showings going in the face of local restrictions on in-person showings or simply to facilitate showings for prospective buyers in another part of the country, with ShowingTime LIVE Video, agents can truly ‘save’ showings.

Money, time, peace of mind, sleep and showings themselves are all well worth saving. To learn more about how you can save with ShowingTime’s suite of upgrade opportunities, reach out to our Sales Team by clicking the button below.