ShowingTime is now part of ShowingTime+

Did you know that ShowingTime is now part of ShowingTime+, a software suite that helps agents, brokers and MLSs streamline their businesses and deliver elevated experiences to their customers by combining existing solutions from ShowingTime and dotloop, along with introducing new solutions like Listing Media Services and the forthcoming Listing Showcase? Be sure to bookmark the ShowingTime+ homepage ( to stay up to date on the latest offerings we provide to simplify your workflow.

Your business, your market and your clients are all unique. Yet throughout our more than 20 years of experience serving the residential real estate industry, we’ve learned that most agents will come upon some of the same daily pain points. That’s why Appointment Center by ShowingTime+ has become an essential service for agents all throughout North America, garnering praise and recommendations from time-strapped agents looking to make their businesses more efficient.

To learn why Appointment Center has become an industry standard for showing management, here are five typical daily pain points its users no longer face.

1. Hunting for feedback

One of the most common issues listing agents and their clients report is the difficulty they face in obtaining timely, meaningful feedback. Not so for agents who utilize Appointment Center! That’s because a feedback request is automatically sent to buyers agents following each showing, with the option to send additional automatic feedback requests if no feedback is given. Appointment Center users can also customize feedback for each listing, perfect for soliciting the feedback that’s most valuable for your clients.

2. Promptly confirming showings

Showing requests can often come in after hours. Be that as it may, agents know that clients expect prompt responses to showing requests, regardless of when they come in. Thankfully, Appointment Center users know that all requests can be responded to as they come in, day or night, by live professional appointment specialists. This eliminates the stress of being on call for requests all day, while allowing you to continue to offer the high level of service to clients.

3. Keeping clients in the loop

Of all the services an agent provides for clients, the act of being an easily accessible resource for the latest details on how a listing is fairing is perhaps the most valuable one. But agents have a lot on their plates on any given day, making it difficult to consistently engage with each client in response to every question. With Home by ShowingTime, clients of agents who use Appointment Center can easily manage showings, tours, feedback and more. Of course, agents can determine which features clients can access, keeping them in control.

4. Tracking listing progress

Let’s face it: tracking and reporting on listing activity can be a time-consuming burden. With Appointment Center’s tracking and reporting tools, however, agents can effortlessly pull the data they need to make informed business decisions. A few clicks are all it takes to complete a day’s worth of reporting responsibilities. Agents can even schedule listing reports to be sent automatically to their sellers!

5. Staying organized

Agents are constantly juggling competing priorities on a day-to-day basis. From prospecting for leads, to handling transactions, there’s always something that’s demanding agents’ immediate attention. With Appointment Center, you can view upcoming showings to help you prioritize your tasks and maintain an organized workflow.

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