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The end of the year is nearing and, if you’re able to look past the holiday season, the excitement and promise of 2018 shines brightly.

We here at ShowingTime hope your business has been successful in 2017, as buyer interest and demand continued to rise in most regions. If you’re looking to decrease some of the inefficiencies you encounter day to day, we’ve got some tools we think will help you have a prosperous 2018.

As you sneak away from family gatherings for a quick breath of fresh air, or enjoy your morning coffee in solitude, we’re sure your real estate business plan is never far from your mind. We know real estate professionals have a lot to do, whether it’s going over your checklist for the upcoming week or modifying your plan for next year.

December is the perfect time to evaluate and update your business plan with a look toward the future. What worked? What didn’t? What needs just a little tweaking?

This post, Parts of a Business Plan: 7 Essential Sections, is geared toward new agents or offices just starting out. But it’s still a nice refresher for agents of all experience levels as they begin to think about their 2018 business plan.

Building upon the above post, we’re adding four areas of your 2018 business plan where ShowingTime products can help you improve upon 2017.

Products and Services

As a real estate agent, you’re selling yourself. And the tools you use help portray the type of agent you are.

A recent survey by Inman News found that technology helps younger, less-experienced agents compete with veteran real estate professionals. Tech can mean a lot of things – social media, customer relationship management (CRM) – but, at its core, it helps you do more, faster.

The ShowingTime Appointment Center, available for offices, single agents and entire MLSs, does just that. Live appointment specialists are available 24/7/365 to answer showing requests and communicate details back to the listing agent, showing agent and seller. Subscribers also have feedback requests sent automatically for them – with a 70 to 80 percent hit rate in some markets – and are provided access to several useful reports.

ShowingTime Front Desk is another option that provides real estate offices and individual agents with an efficient, web-based system enabling them to simply point and click to schedule and manage real estate showings and feedback. It automatically connects to your MLS to load your office’s listings and the agents calling you into the ShowingTime Front Desk database. It really is as simple as point, click, show.

Both products also include access to the ShowingTime mobile app, which is a perfect tool for agents on the go and can also be accessed by sellers.

Here’s more on how ShowingTime products can help you win listings.

Market Analysis

ShowingTime’s newest product, MarketView Broker, helps brokers in individual offices and at multi-office firms identify and recruit talent while analyzing their market to determine the best opportunities for growth.

As for helping your clients set a sales price or gain a fuller understanding of market dynamics, MarketStats by ShowingTime offers in-depth reporting and analytic tools to help agents better understand their local markets.*

*MarketStats is currently only sold to MLSs or associations.

Organization and Management Team

In addition to helping brokers identify talented agents to recruit, MarketView Broker also helps them better monitor, manage and coach current agents.

Brokers can view all office listings and activity, sort and filter agents by production and review MLS and agent trends. They can also compare their office’s performance against competitors in a specific market area or by firm size and/or property characteristics, as well as save all searches to easily access later.

In addition, ShowingTime Front Desk and the ShowingTime Appointment Center include easy-to-use listing worksheets to set up instructions for showings; both also include listing, agent and office activity reports.

Financial Plan and Projections

How much time do you spend playing phone tag trying to schedule appointments? Or pay a personal assistant to do such tasks for you? Either way, there’s a better option.

The ShowingTime Appointment Center saves you money while guaranteeing that you never miss a showing request.

If you currently handle showing requests on your own, using the ShowingTime Appointment Center gives you more time in the day to focus on more important tasks to grow your business. If you currently use a personal assistant, it keeps more money in your pocket to allocate to other tools.

Click below to request more information on ShowingTime products and learn how they can fit into your real estate business plan and help you grow your business in 2018.