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Here are some common questions we received last month regarding our ShowingCart feature, which allows agents to quickly and easily schedule multiple showings in one place.

1. Can I reschedule an entire ShowingCart® for a different date?
Life happens and people need to reschedule appointments. If you created a ShowingCart and your buyer needs to change their tour for a different day, it requires you to cancel your current requests and submit new appointment requests for consideration. Home availability, overlapping appointments and other situations are why we ask you to cancel the Buyer’s Tour and create a new one for your buyer.

2. How can I add an appointment to an existing ShowingCart?
Once you log in to your ShowingTime account on a desktop, navigate to your ShowingCart. Click on the ‘Add a Listing Stop’ button. Locate the listing, select the time and don’t forget to click the ‘Send Requests’ button.

3. How can I email the ShowingCart tour to my buyer?
From your computer screen, click on the email icon in the top right corner and then type your client’s email address in the ‘To’ field. Your clients will be emailed a buyer’s version of the showing tour, which they can open on a mobile phone to take advantage of the built-in navigation option.

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