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For those who use a ShowingTime service like the Appointment Center by ShowingTime+ , Front Desk by ShowingTime+ or ShowingTime for the MLS to manage showings, the Listing Activity Report is the ‘home base’ for where they can get a high-level view of – you guessed it – listing activity. Agents can also offer a view of a version of the report to clients through Home by ShowingTime, the free companion app designed to help buyers and sellers stay in the loop throughout the buying or selling process.

Whether you’re a long-time user looking for a refresher on how make the most of the Listing Activity Report or you’re new to ShowingTime, being familiar with the ins and outs of the report is key for getting the most out of your ShowingTime service.

To make sure all users have a good understanding of what the Listing Activity Report has to offer, we’ve put together a high-level overview of its purpose for both agents and their clients. For those looking for a deeper dive into using the Listing Activity Report, we’ve also provided a link below for both the agent and client sections.

For Agents

Here’s the desktop browser view of a typical Listing Activity Report.


A Listing Activity Report from within the ShowingTime mobile app.


The Listing Activity Report can be accessed within the Reports section located at the bottom-left hand corner within the ShowingTime mobile app.

The Listing Activity Report allows agents to review all activity details for the life of each listing. Agents can easily review feedback, add manual activity to document open houses or other important information, and set the report to a limited Homeowner Version¹ for sharing certain details sellers.

Here’s an overview of the tabs present on the Listing Activity Report:

Homeowner Version
The Homeowner Version of the Listing Activity Report is tailored for sellers and will not display unpublished feedback, feedback management and appointment details links, or buyer’s agent information (unless allowed by the office or, for users of ShowingTime for the MLS, the MLS). Its sections can also be hidden or displayed in a different order. Agents also have an option to print or email this report to clients.

Change Date Range
The Change Date Range option allows users to narrow down listing activity to a specified period.

Display Options
A Listing Activity Report can be customized to show only specified sections from within the Display Options tab. Sections include a graph noting appointments by month, feedback pie charts, feedback responses and more.


The Feedback at a Glance pie charts are just one of the many ways the Listing Activity Report can display valuable details on a listing.

Add Activity
The Add Activity tab makes it easy to manually add pertinent activities to the Listing Activity Report, including showings, previews, inspections and appraisals.

Send Notification
Sending a notification is easy with the Listing Activity Report. Simply select the Send Notification tab and specify the message type, recipient(s) and the content of the message. All notification emails sent from the Listing Activity Report will include a company logo, the message written in the form, listing information and photo, and the agent and/or co-listing agent’s contact information when applicable.

Send Notification

The Send Notification feature makes it easy to send a pricing adjustment update, with multiple options available to specify who should receive the update.


Emails sent from the Listing Activity Report include all the relevant details the recipients need to follow up.

Email Report
Keeping clients current on the status of their listing(s) is a fundamental part of good client service. The Listing Activity Report simplifies that responsibility with the Email Report feature. From the Email Report tab, users can select either Send Now to begin the process of sending a report right away, or Schedule to Send, which enables users to set a schedule and cadence for when reports can automatically be sent to clients.

The Listing Activity Report makes it easy to upload and access a listing’s documentation and photos in the Attachments tab. Multiple .PDF, .JPG, .GIF or .PNG files can be attached.

Print Report
To create a printable report for sharing with clients, select the Print Report tab.

Download PDF
For those who prefer to share a PDF of the report electronically, selecting the Download PDF tab will allow them to do exactly that.

For a more detailed overview of the Listing Activity Report for agents, click here.

For Clients

Clients can also view a version of the Listing Activity Report of their own using Home by ShowingTime. For clients, the report will let them see an overview of a listing; a breakdown of all activity on a listing, including past, present and future showings; and all feedback responses left on their listing.

My Home

The Home by ShowingTime Listing Activity Report desktop browser view.


The Listing Activity Report view from the Home by ShowingTime app.

For a more detailed overview of the Listing Activity Report for buyers and sellers using Home by ShowingTime, click here.

Once you have a good understanding of the Listing Activity Report, you’re well on your way to making the most of your ShowingTime+ showing management service!

The Listing Activity Report is just one of several valuable reports offered within ShowingTime+’s showing management products. To learn more about how this report or other included reports can help you provide peerless service for your clients, reach out to our Sales Team by clicking the button below.