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On its own, ShowingTime for the MLS is a feature-rich tool that greatly enhances showing management. If you have access to ShowingTime for the MLS as an MLS or association member benefit, you’ve likely integrated it into your workflow to remove pain points from the showing process. By utilizing its online scheduling, automated feedback and reports on listing activity, ShowingTime for the MLS demonstrates just how beneficial a streamlined workflow can be.

However, not all real estate professionals have the same business needs. We think it’s important that you choose which service to adopt. That’s why ShowingTime for the MLS is designed to help users with the most common showing management tasks, without throwing everything but the kitchen sink in features that could be distracting for those who don’t need them.

But for those agents who have identified additional processes within their business that could be streamlined, ShowingTime offers additional services that seamlessly integrate into their MLS-provided ShowingTime service. To learn about additional offerings, we’ve provided a brief overview below.

Pricing Benchmark Report

Available in select markets* throughout the country, the Pricing Benchmark Report is an add-on service that provides an in-depth look at key data on comparable active, pending and closed listings to inform pricing discussions with clients.

With the Pricing Benchmark Report, users can pull reports that include useful data on comparables such as a property absorption rate, which offers insight into supply and demand dynamics of similar properties in their market.

With the Pricing Benchmark Report, users can pull reports that include useful data on comparables such as a property absorption rate, which offers insight into supply and demand dynamics of similar properties in their market.

ShowingTime LIVE Video

Whether hampered by local restrictions on in-person showings or working with a client in a different part of the country, ShowingTime LIVE Video is the answer to the question of how to keep showings going in the face of disruptions.

ShowingTime LIVE Video integrates a live 1-on-1 video streaming platform within the ShowingTime mobile app (for clients, Home by ShowingTime), allowing agents to host live, interactive video showings from their phone.

Available in select markets, ShowingTime LIVE Video showings can be scheduled through your existing ShowingTime service and conducted from the ShowingTime mobile app

ShowingTime Appointment Center

At first glance, the ShowingTime Appointment Center looks quite similar to ShowingTime for the MLS. But the ShowingTime Appointment Center offers a unique advantage that makes it a compelling upgrade for existing ShowingTime for the MLS users: 24/7 live appointment specialists available to answer showing request calls around the clock, every day of the year – including holidays!

Available as a full- or part-time upgrade, the ShowingTime Appointment Center is a perfect solution for agents looking to delegate the responsibility of confirming showing requests without having to invest in an in-office personal assistant. ShowingTime Appointment Center appointment specialists make calls according to the showing instructions and they don’t stop until each showing is confirmed.

In addition, access to the ShowingTime Appointment Center opens the door for users to take advantage of several additional add-ons, including:

ShowingTime Live Connect

ShowingTime Live Connect is a 24/7 live call answering service that provides real-time message delivery by email, text and/or push notification through your ShowingTime mobile app. ShowingTime Live Connect removes the burden of having to be available to answer calls at all hours of the day, without calls having to go to voice mail. Not only does the service allow agents to offer a quality customer service experience with a friendly voice on the phone, it also greatly simplifies message retention, making it easy to quickly receive important messages.

With ShowingTime Live Connect, you’ll never have to manually jot down voicemail messages again! Live specialists not only answer your calls, they also write them out and share them with you as they come in.

Offer Registration by ShowingTime

For Canadian users in Ontario, Offer Registration by ShowingTime greatly streamlines the offer registration process and benefits listing agents and buyer’s agents alike.

For listing agents, Offer Registration removes the stress of managing multiple offers by making it easy to quickly register offers that come in by phone or email, quickly update buyer’s agents on the number of active offers registered and automatically log all registration activity.

For buyer’s agents, Offer Registration makes it easy to quickly register an offer and stay apprised of the offer status with a barrage of emails.

Like other ShowingTime add-ons, Offer Registration is integrated into the existing ShowingTime platform you know so well, making it easy to quickly take advantage of its benefits.

*To find out if the Pricing Benchmark Report is available for purchase in your market, contact our sales team.

Whether you’re a long-time ShowingTime for the MLS user looking to introduce even more efficiencies into your business or you’re new to ShowingTime, our Sales team can work with you to provide the right solution to your unique business needs. Click the button below to contact them today.