ShowingTime is now part of ShowingTime+

ShowingTime’s products are designed to help improve all aspects of the home buying and selling process for agents and their clients, including increasing feedback response rates.

With all of our offerings – ShowingTime for the MLSShowingTime Front Desk and the ShowingTime Appointment Center – showing feedback is included. Requests are sent for you after each showing, making it easy for showing agents to let you know how the showing went.

Customers using ShowingTime products also have the option to use Enhanced Feedback*, which gives them the tools to ask customized questions and include company branding and photos. All of our options are accessible from a computer, tablet or the ShowingTime mobile app, with requests automatically sent to the showing agent via email and/or push notification.

The request contains a link to respond, so it’s convenient for the recipient to respond whether in the field or at the office; the listing agent is notified immediately once the form is submitted.

With the ability to customize questions, listing agents can create preset multiple-choice questions while also providing a text box so showing agents can write an answer in the prospective buyer’s own words. Personal touches such as office branding, a photo of the listing and a headshot helps the showing agent remember the listing and improves response rates.

Feedback can be shared by listing agents with sellers immediately after it’s received or once an agent reviews it.

Asking for and receiving feedback doesn’t have to be difficult, especially with ShowingTime products. Learn how ShowingTime can help you get more showings, more feedback and quicker sales.

*A limited number of MLSs only have Standard Feedback with their subscriptions. Contact us to upgrade and experience Enhanced Feedback.