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There’s nothing fun or easy when it comes to real estate agents scheduling showing appointments for their buyers.

While technology has helped speed up the process in a number of ways – including online scheduling through ShowingTime – it isn’t always fool proof, and certainly isn’t always as simple as one click.

It’s a fact of life that some agents have adapted to or embraced technology more than others, which is every agent’s prerogative. It’s also true that each agent might prefer having showings scheduled on their listings differently.

Some like online scheduling, others emails or texts and others, still, phone calls. And those examples don’t even include when buyers request to view properties within a public MLS website that includes scheduling options.

The multiple phone calls, texts and time it takes to schedule showings, let alone waiting on confirmations or declined appointments, can be exhausting for buyer’s agents – leaving them little time to prospect for new clients.

Now there’s an easy solution: ShowingTime Appointment Center Plus.

ShowingTime Appointment Center Plus is a real estate appointment setting service that provides easy scheduling for buyer’s agents who have dealt with making multiple inquiries to unreachable agents or attempted to schedule on listings with no simple scheduling solution.

An example: Let’s say your client wants to view five homes on Saturday. Two of them have a “Schedule a Showing” button, two request inquiring by calling and the one your buyer brought to you has no information whatsoever.

Scheduling the first two online is simple enough. So is calling – if you get ahold of the agent right away. The third scenario can be a time-consuming process that potentially takes up most of your day and, outside of scheduling that one showing, leaves you unproductive.

ShowingTime Appointment Center Plus allows buyer’s agents to hand off those tasks to our appointment specialists. You make only one call; they’ll handle all of your showing requests – whether it’s scheduling online, via phone or tracking down contact information – and relay the confirmations back to you.

And while ShowingTime Appointment Center Plus was created with buyer’s agents in mind, listing agents or agents working with both buyers and sellers can also upgrade to the service.

On the listing side, ShowingTime Appointment Center Plus works just like the ShowingTime Appointment Center, which also has appointment specialists available 24/7 to receive showing requests on your listings and send you confirmations. The only difference is that now all of your appointments, both on the buyer’s and seller’s side, are taken care of for you.

The ShowingTime Appointment Center Plus allows all agents to:

  • Make one call 24/7 to easily schedule, cancel or change appointments
  • Stop playing phone tag and focus instead on leads
  • Organize everything into one place, the ShowingTime mobile app, which includes a calendar and driving directions to every listing
  • Stop doing bothersome and repetitive work
  • Cut costs and save time

Subscribers also receive a Daily Summary Email – available only with ShowingTime Appointment Center Plus – reminding them of their upcoming tasks for the day, which showings they already have scheduled and which ones they’re still awaiting confirmation on.

Plus, it includes Buyer Tracking, which logs all properties a buyer has seen – regardless of whether the listing uses ShowingTime’s scheduling platform – within the ShowingTime mobile app, which is also available for sellers.

Are you a buyer’s agent looking for a real estate appointment setting service to help you schedule multiple showings? Or are you a current ShowingTime Appointment Center subscriber looking to upgrade to ShowingTime Appointment Center Plus?

If so, contact us to learn more.