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Depending on your service level, you may have a few different options for Appointment Type under the Appointment Settings section of your ShowingTime platform. Understanding each one can help you better manage your listings and maximize showings for your clients. 

Go and Show/Courtesy Call 

Both the Go and Show and Courtesy Call appointment types are designed to facilitate a quick and easy showing experience. When either of these appointment types are selected, appointment requests are documented and immediately confirmed when scheduled. The designated contacts may then be notified depending on the notification settings selected.   

For example, if your seller works in an office from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m., they could agree for their home to be accessed during these hours without waiting for a confirmation, since the property will be unoccupied. Once they’re done with their workday and will be at the home, they can request to be notified a certain amount of time before a showing. So, if they agree to continue to have their home shown between the hours of 5 p.m. and 8 p.m., they may request a 30-minute window in which to leave.   

Go and Show is also an ideal solution for vacant properties. Both Courtesy Call (an option available to Appointment Center by ShowingTime+ users) and Go and Show are also good options to use in the case of occupants who are flexible with showings.  

Appointment Required 

Again, depending on your level of service, you may see different options available. The Appointment Required appointment type can mean that either any or all of the designated listing contacts must be notified before an appointment is confirmed. Designated listing contacts can be owners, occupants, listing agents or co-listing agents. 

If any designated contact can be notified, permission to confirm a showing can be given by any of the contacts listed. If the listing is set to all listing contacts, permission must be given by every designated listing contact. Please check your settings to view the options available with your service.  

How Notifications Work

As mentioned previously, depending on your ShowingTime subscription and the notification settings selected, there are different ways to be notified. You can decide to receive only one of the options below or choose as many as you want.

  • Push notifications — If you are using the ShowingTime mobile app, you’ll receive notifications on your phone’s home screen.
  • Text — Receive updates via SMS to the cell number listed in your profile.
  • Call — You’ll receive a call either through an automated feature or via a live ShowingTime appointment specialist (for ShowingTime Appointment Center users).
  • Email — Selecting this notification type sends updates via email to the email address in your profile.

Learn more about the different notification options available through the ShowingTime platform here.  

Appointment Type is just one of the many robust options offered to help you manage your business in today’s busy real estate market. Stay tuned for more posts in this series on making the most of ShowingTime settings.  

Money, time, peace of mind, sleep and showings themselves are all well worth saving. To learn more about how you can save with ShowingTime’s suite of upgrade opportunities, reach out to our Sales Team by clicking the button below.