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Jan. 30, 2023 – Home showing activity picked up in the West but dipped again nationwide in December as home prices continued their modest decline, according to the latest data from the ShowingTime Showing Index®.[1]

The Showing Index indicates that national home showing traffic is still above seasonal pre-pandemic levels, despite dropping 32.2% from December 2021. The pace of the slowdown continued to ease, with showing traffic falling just 3.7% from November. The West was the only region to post an increase in buyer foot traffic from the previous month — albeit a modest one at 2.7% — likely driven by several major Western metros seeing a pickup in activity as the year came to a close. The Midwest and Northeast saw monthly declines of 3.8% and 6.1%, respectively, while the South stayed mostly flat.

Most for-sale properties averaged between two and seven showings, in line with the previous several months. In many of the major metros analyzed, the average ratio of showings to listings stayed flat or changed only slightly — indicating that the decrease may be leveling off. Notable exceptions include San Francisco, which had a 26% jump in showings to listings, and Boise, which saw a 75% increase.

“There are early signals — including the small bounce back of showings in Western markets — that buyers are responding to December’s improvement in mortgage rates,” said Mike Lane, vice president of sales and industry for ShowingTime+. “We expect that more buyers will reemerge as we head into spring, and that we’ll see this reflected in home showing activity.”

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Metropolitan AreaRatio of Showings to Listings[2]Year-Over-Year Change[3]Month-Over-Month Change[4]
Atlanta, GA4.67-45%-1%
Austin, TX3.84-58%2%
Boise, ID2.85-8%75%
Boston, MA6.86-28%-1%
Chicago, IL5.50-19%-1%
Cincinnati, OH5.90-15%-2%
Columbus, OH6.13-26%-2%
Denver, CO6.59-55%4%
Houston, TX5.26-25%1%
Las Vegas, NV2.86-42%1%
Los Angeles, CA4.16-42%8%
Memphis, TN4.87-44%0%
Miami–Fort Lauderdale, FL5.83-42%-3%
Minneapolis–St. Paul, MN5.41-21%-2%
Nashville, TN4.81-43%-4%
Philadelphia, PA5.88-28%-7%
Phoenix, AZ4.63-46%4%
Portland, OR5.39-46%2%
Raleigh, NC5.28-38%-2%
St. Louis, MO5.81-17%-3%
San Francisco, CA4.52-15%26%
Seattle, WA6.51-58%8%
Virginia Beach, VA6.70-34%-5%
Washington, DC6.75-31%0%


[1] The ShowingTime Showing Index is compiled using data from more than 6 million property showings scheduled across the country each month on listings using ShowingTime products and services. It tracks the average number of appointments received for active listings during the month, then reports the numbers by region and nationally.

[2] Calculated using the average number of buyer showings per active listing on a monthly basis. July 2022.

[3] August 2021–August 2022

[4] July 2022–August 2022


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