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The spread of COVID-19 has affected almost every aspect of our lives. Communities have shown themselves to be resilient, however, and so too have real estate professionals. Responding to the challenge imposed by the pandemic to continue to serve their clients in a safe, responsible manner, agents have incorporated streaming video technology to offer showings while adhering to social distancing best practices.  

We’re continuing our own efforts to support the residential real estate industry during these tumultuous times with the introduction of a new appointment type: Virtual Showing. 

NOTE: Due to concerns about COVID-19 and as a courtesy to all parties, please do not schedule or attend showings if they are prohibited in your area. Always follow local guidelines. 

To download a sharable Virtual Showing guide that includes answers to some frequently asked questions we’ve received, click here.

The option to select a Virtual Showing appears within the appointment type drop-down menu you’re already familiar with:  

Virtual Showings

How to Schedule a Virtual Showing

Step 1: Select the property you want to show and click the ‘schedule a showing’ button in your MLS platform (ShowingTime Appointment Center and ShowingTime Front Desk users can select the property from within their ShowingTime product).

Step 2: Within ShowingTime, select a date and time for the appointment from the times available on the calendar. This will prompt the appointment details screen to appear (shown in the screenshot above).

Step 3: Select Virtual Showing as the type of Appointment. You have the option to add a note for the listing agent where you can indicate what streaming video technology you and your client would prefer to use. The listing agent will receive this information along with the showing request.

It’s that easy!

We’re continuing to develop new ways to help you continue to run your business during these trying times. Stay tuned — we’ll have more updates shortly.

ShowingTime is committed to helping real estate professionals manage home showings safely and responsibly. To learn about ShowingTime products that can help you provide uninterrupted service, even remotely, reach out to our team by clicking the button below.