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MLSs, associations, real estate offices, brokers and agents are all involved in showings in some way. And, at some point, showing management costs are considered. But, interestingly, each market might handle the scheduling process differently:

  • Showing agents call the listing office to schedule a showing
  • Showing agents call and work directly with the listing agent
  • The MLS provides an online method to request showings
  • Showing agents call the homeowner directly

Whatever the process is where you are, requests are being made and responded to, calendars are being updated, and schedules are set.

What does all this cost?

There is time invested, to be sure, and your time is valuable. Each business – whether it’s the MLS, or a single agent – has to decide if spending time handling the scheduling process themselves has a big enough return on the invested time vs. spending that time prospecting, or doing marketing tasks, etc.

At ShowingTime – showings are our business, after all – we have created an example by calculating the ‘showing cost’ for a 10-agent office with 30 listings. In a separate article, we’ll review these metrics to help you think through your costs.

Everyone will agree that it’s always worth knowing what your expenses are, the return on your investments, and if your efforts are being spent doing the things that grow your business the fastest.

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