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Jimmy Syros has several reasons for subscribing to – and encouraging other real estate agents to use – the ShowingTime Appointment Center.

The biggest?

“It’s the best money I spend every month!” Syros said.

Syros, of the Keller Williams Realty – NJ Metro Group office, has been using the ShowingTime Appointment Center since 2015.

He receives many benefits, including:

  • Appointment specialists available 24/7/365 to schedule and confirm appointments
  • Notifications sent to the listing agent, showing agent and seller, with confirmations usually within 15 minutes
  • Automated feedback requests, with an 80 percent hit rate in some markets
  • Personally branded calls, emails and messages
  • Numerous reports and mobile app access

Aside from those features, Syros also gets more free time to focus on more important tasks.

“It has freed up time for me to focus on many other aspects of my business versus fielding calls on listings for showing requests,” he said.

That free time has helped Syros continue to grow his business. He joined NJ Metro Group in March 2017, where he is the CEO of The Syros Group. The team has more than 25 combined years of real estate experience, and currently has more than 40 listings.

Taking calls on all those listings would be difficult without help, but hiring a personal assistant might not be the best bang for some agents’ buck.

Even if you don’t have as many listings as Syros, he said the ShowingTime Appointment Center is the perfect solution for all agents.

“Why would you field your own calls on showing requests?” Syros asked. “I don’t care how many listings an agent takes every year. If you take at least five I believe it’s worth it. If I only took one I would still use ShowingTime!”

Syros encourages all real estate agents who are serious about growing their business to consider using the ShowingTime Appointment Center.

“If you are an agent and care about growing, streamlining and systematizing your business, you would be making a huge mistake by not using ShowingTime to handle all your listings,” he said.

Do you spend too much of your day scheduling and confirming showing appointments? Learn how the ShowingTime Appointment Center helps free up your time to focus on other tasks to grow your business.