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Congratulations! You’ve decided to sign up for an appointment service and hand over the management of your showing request calls to professionally trained appointment specialists.

That means no more business calls interrupting family dinner or date night with your significant other. Or late-night calls and playing multiple games of phone tag.

Those days are also over, and now you’re confident you’ll never miss a showing request call.

So now what?

Yes, your workload of mundane tasks is a little lighter.

But there are still several steps to take to ensure you’re getting the most out of your appointment service and using it effectively.

Make Sure Your Listing Is Properly Set Up

Most appointment services input listing information directly from the MLS. First and foremost, make sure all of your listing information is correct.

From there, configure your listing details as they pertain to you and your seller. Specify which times work best, which days are unavailable and any other information showing agents should know.

All sellers lead different lives, which means all listing rules and restrictions should be double checked. If a home is vacant, set up the listing as a “Go and Show/Courtesy Call,” which leads to less back-and-forth between appointment specialists and showing agents.

If the seller has small windows of time open each day, or will be out of town for a weekend, update the listing accordingly.

Just because you’re not answering showing request calls directly doesn’t mean there won’t be questions. Be sure to keep listing rules up to date as much as possible.

Customize Your Feedback Questions

Does your appointment service automatically request feedback from showing agents who recently viewed your listing?

Subscribers to the ShowingTime Appointment Center receive such a benefit.

Not only are feedback requests sent automatically, but reminders are also sent up to three more times if showing agents don’t quickly respond.

ShowingTime Appointment Center users can customize feedback for each listing, which means, for example, you can ask potential buyers what they thought about the privacy of the home on the cul de sac they just viewed. Or you can get potential buyers’ thoughts regarding the location of a home on a busy city street. Just make sure your questions are updated and accurate.

Concentrate on More Important Tasks

Chances are the main reason you decided to use an appointment service is because you realized fielding showing request calls and playing phone tag was holding you back from focusing on more important tasks.

So, focus on those important tasks and start growing your business!

Direct your attention to more prospecting. Start blogging. Grow your social media presence.

Do the little things that add up to a better, higher-quality business for you and a more pleasant experience for your clients.

Highlight the Service to Prospective Clients

While selling your services and experience to prospective clients, don’t forget to mention the latest addition to your business and explain how it will help you sell their home faster.

Because you use an appointment service, sellers will be able to take advantage of every opportunity to show — and hopefully — sell their home. If your appointment service automatically sends feedback requests, they’ll immediately understand what they need to fix and be able to address it.

This all leads to a quicker, easier sale on their end, as well.

That fact, coupled with your market knowledge and real estate experience, will help you present yourself as an expert who’s up to date with the latest trends within the industry.

Take Advantage of Your Free Time

You’ll have a lot more of it now.

So spend another extra hour prospecting. Or relax at dinner without constantly checking your phone.

Whatever you do, you no longer have to worry about managing showing requests!

Looking for tools that will help you streamline your business? Learn more about how ShowingTime products can help you ease your burden, save you time and enhance your business.