ShowingTime is now part of ShowingTime+

Did you know that ShowingTime is now part of ShowingTime+, a software suite that helps agents, brokers and MLSs streamline their businesses and deliver elevated experiences to their customers by combining existing solutions from ShowingTime and dotloop, along with introducing new solutions like Listing Media Services and the forthcoming Listing Showcase? Be sure to bookmark the ShowingTime+ homepage ( to stay up to date on the latest offerings we provide to simplify your workflow.

Is there a more valuable type of feedback for a seller than specific, post-showing feedback? When prompted with the right questions, prospective buyers – through their agents – can share key actionable insights that can help a seller make the right changes necessary to sell their home.

Of course, most listing agents have experienced firsthand how difficult it can be to get the valuable feedback their clients need. Without it, sellers are left lacking the kind of crucial information that could mean the difference between a successful sale and a listing that languishes unsold. To help solve this unfortunately all-too-common issue, we offer Enhanced Feedback.

Enhanced Feedback is a feature included with the Appointment Center by ShowingTime+ and Front Desk by ShowingTime+, as well as with ShowingTime for the MLS in select markets, that lets agents customize feedback questions to encourage quality responses.

The numbers don’t lie; agents who customize their feedback questions for each listing see a greater feedback response rate than those who don’t utilize this helpful feature. In tandem with ShowingTime automatically sending out feedback requests for agents, plus providing feedback publication tools, Enhanced Feedback can lead to more and better responses. Better feedback means your clients can make informed decisions to help sell their homes quickly.

For a full walk-through of how to set up and use Enhanced Feedback, click on the link that corresponds to your ShowingTime+ product:

Appointment Center by ShowingTime+

ShowingTime for the MLS

Front Desk by ShowingTime+

Enhanced Feedback is just one of the many helpful features ShowingTime+ offers to help real estate professionals provide exceptional client service. To learn more about how ShowingTime+’s showing management services can help you better serve your clients, reach out to our Sales Team at the link below.