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We’re pleased to announce a brand new way to conduct interactive showings: ShowingTime LIVE Video!

Currently available in select markets, ShowingTime LIVE Video allows agents to conduct LIVE video showings directly from the ShowingTime mobile app with the tap of a button, enabling their clients to participate in showings from the comfort of their homes.

In contrast to a one-way stream or 3D tour, ShowingTime LIVE Video provides a one-on-one interactive experience, similar to a traditional in-person showing. It simplifies the process by giving agents and their clients one common platform for LIVE video showings to promote interaction, while also giving agents complete control over participant settings.

See below for an overview of what to expect with ShowingTime LIVE Video.


The Highlights:

  • One common platform for all participants; no need to switch between video apps, conference call numbers, scheduling systems, etc.
  • Avoids attendee overlap. Each showing will have its own dedicated meeting link which all needed participants can utilize at the time of the appointment. No need to worry if someone is trying to join a LIVE video showing too early, or if a current meeting is running longer than expected.
  • No change to an agent’s scheduling routine. How appointments are scheduled and feedback is responded to remains the same.
  • Agents maintain control. The buyer’s agent will be set as the meeting host, giving them access to features such as disabling a participant’s video feed, muting specific attendees and reclaiming the presenter role.
  • While ShowingTime LIVE Video will be offered as a premium product at a later date, we are currently offering the service at no cost to ShowingTime customers.

How It Works:

  1. When requesting a showing, the buyer’s agent selects the new LIVE Video Showing appointment type and adds their buyer to the appointment.
  2. When the appointment is confirmed, ShowingTime LIVE Video automatically creates an individualized meeting link which is accessible by the agent within the Appointment Details page inside the ShowingTime mobile app.
  3. The showing begins when the Join LIVE Video Showing button is tapped on the Appointment Details page. The buyer’s agent is always the host, though he or she can make the listing agent or seller the camera person when necessary. The buyer’s agent has full control over who does the live tour and who can speak.
  4. The buyer’s agent can add buyers to the showing so they can access the appointment using Home by ShowingTime. This allows the buyer to join the showing directly from the Home by ShowingTime app by tapping the Join LIVE Video Showing button in their Appointment Details page.

What’s New:

  • Added an appointment subtype for buyer’s agents: LIVE Video Showing
  • Buyer’s agents and listing agents can join a confirmed LIVE video showing using the ShowingTime mobile app
  • Buyers can join a confirmed LIVE video showing using Home by ShowingTime (desktop or app)
  • Buyer’s agents and listing agents can share the participant link (but not the host link) from the ShowingTime mobile app
  • Sellers cannot join a LIVE video showing unless they are the camera person, or the meeting link is shared with them directly through an email or text message

Important Notes:

  • Agents must have the latest version of the ShowingTime mobile app to access the LIVE Video Showing. This feature is not available for agents on the desktop.
  • Buyers must be added to the appointment request so that the LIVE Video Showing button will be available to them in the Home by ShowingTime app. As always, the buyer’s contact details will not be shared with the listing agent.
  • This is a LIVE, two-way video, not a one-way stream or a prerecorded showing. ShowingTime LIVE Video enables potential buyers to ask questions to make sure they see everything in the home, such as cupboard space, closet sizes, the side yard, etc., which are not typically shown in a 3D tour or recorded tour.

What is ShowingTime LIVE Video?

ShowingTime LIVE Video is a one-platform solution that equips agents and their clients with the tools to conduct live, interactive, one-on-one showings using video conferencing technology.

How is ShowingTime LIVE Video different from a recorded showing or virtual tour?

Recorded showings provide a brief, generalized overview of a home. Virtual tours provide 3D floorplans for the client to see the home using still images. ShowingTime LIVE Video provides a personalized, interactive showing experience that allows prospective buyers to see the features they want to focus on – just as if they were at the showing in person.

Why use ShowingTime LIVE Video instead of other live video streaming services?

ShowingTime LIVE Video uses the familiar showing and feedback management process agents use for in-person showings, which provides their sellers with the ability to review feedback, see upcoming and previous showings, review the Listing Activity Report and more. Other live video streaming services open up the audience to a large set of people instead of providing a prospective buyer a unique, one-on-one experience, similar to an in-person showing.

Who gives the LIVE tour of the property?

The buyer’s agent decides who gives the live video tour, and who will speak as the tour is conducted.

How much does ShowingTime LIVE Video cost?

ShowingTime LIVE is currently available at no additional cost, but will be a subscription-based upgrade in the future.

What technology is needed to use ShowingTime LIVE Video?

ShowingTime LIVE Video is accessible for buyer’s agents through the ShowingTime mobile app, and for their buyers through Home by ShowingTime.

Do I need a Zoom account to use ShowingTime LIVE Video?

No. ShowingTime LIVE Video takes care of all the details for you behind the scenes so that the LIVE Video Showing experience is within the ShowingTime mobile app. Having an agent’s client download the Zoom app prior to a LIVE Video Showing will provide a more seamless experience for them but it is not required for them to have a Zoom account (free or paid) to use ShowingTime LIVE Video.