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3 Easy Ways to Calm First-Time Buyer Anxiety

Is there a better feeling for an agent than the feeling of accomplishment when helping a first-time homebuyer close on their dream home? Before getting to that special moment, however, agents know they must first guide those buyers through a process that for them can...

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Making the Most of the FastStats Monthly Indicators Report

The Monthly Indicators Report, available with FastStats in many markets, is a detailed overview of the real estate trends in your MLS, updated each month. The report includes several pages of key metrics and insights, covering each aspect of the market and painting an...

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ShowingTime’s 2020 in Review

2020 was an unusual year for everyone, but as we recently covered, the year had bright spots well worth recognizing. For us, working with our clients to help them successfully manage their businesses in the face of unprecedented challenges has been rewarding beyond...

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