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Attracting top agents is one of the biggest worries facing real estate brokers.

No matter how successful your brokerage or what brand name is attached to it, sometimes other factors come into play for agents when choosing one brokerage over another.

Technology, for instance.

According to the National Association of REALTORS® 2018 Technology Survey, here’s the breakdown of how satisfied agents are with the technology provided by their brokerages:

  • 29 percent completely satisfied
  • 35 percent somewhat satisfied
  • 22 percent neutral
  • 7 percent somewhat dissatisfied
  • 5 percent said doesn’t broker doesn’t provide technology
  • 3 percent not at all satisfied

Per the same survey, here’s the breakdown of what additional technology tools agents would like their brokerage to provide:

  • 31 percent no additional technology tools wanted
  • 48 percent not sure
  • 21 percent wanted additional technology tools

While the majority of agents are satisfied with the current technology tools provided, 69 percent were at least open to the idea of having more. And, the fact of the matter is, if you don’t provide additional tools as a brokerage, chances are your agents will be looking – or at least intrigued by – other brokerages that do.

Why take the chance of losing agents to brokerages offering better tools when you could be out in front by offering new services aimed to help make your agents’ lives easier?

And, when searching for new services, it’s smart to consider all of your agents; that is, those who work not only with sellers, but also buyers.

Many offices are familiar with the ShowingTime Appointment Center, which has appointment specialists available 24/7 to receive showing requests on agents’ listings, confirm the requests and send notifications.

Our newest product, ShowingTime Appointment Center Plus, is similar but with a twist: It was created to support buyer’s agents.

ShowingTime Appointment Center Plus is a real estate appointment setting service that provides easy scheduling for buyer’s agents who have dealt with making multiple inquiries to unreachable agents or attempted to schedule on listings with no simple scheduling solution.

Scheduling online and via phone is simple enough – if the agent is reached right away. Often, however, it’s a time-consuming process that sometimes takes up much of the agent’s day and, outside of scheduling that one showing, leaves them unproductive.

ShowingTime Appointment Center Plus allows buyer’s agents to hand off those tasks to our appointment specialists. Agents make only one call; the specialists handle all of their showing requests – whether it’s scheduling online, via phone or tracking down contact information – and relay the confirmations back to the agent.

While ShowingTime Appointment Center Plus was created with buyer’s agents in mind, offices with buyer’s agents, listing agents and agents working with both buyers and sellers can also upgrade to the service so that all of their office’s appointments – both on the buyer’s and seller’s side – are taken care of.

Agents also receive a Daily Summary Email – available only through ShowingTime Appointment Center Plus – reminding them of their upcoming tasks for the day, which showings they already have scheduled and which ones they’re still awaiting confirmation on.

Plus, it includes Buyer Tracking, which logs all properties a buyer has seen – regardless of whether the listing uses ShowingTime’s scheduling platform – within the ShowingTime mobile app, which is also available for sellers.

Are you an office looking for an edge in recruiting that will also make all of your agents lives easier? Or are you a current ShowingTime Appointment Center subscriber looking to upgrade to ShowingTime Appointment Center Plus to better support buyer’s agents?

If so, contact us to learn more.