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Did you know that ShowingTime is now part of ShowingTime+, a software suite that helps agents, brokers and MLSs streamline their businesses and deliver elevated experiences to their customers by combining existing solutions from ShowingTime and dotloop, along with introducing new solutions like Listing Media Services and the forthcoming Listing Showcase? Be sure to bookmark the ShowingTime+ homepage ( to stay up to date on the latest offerings we provide to simplify your workflow.   

Offer management can be a real chore for agents on both sides of a transaction. Between the stress of keeping on top of all the necessary documentation and the complexities of the frequent back-and-forth communication with all parties, it’s safe to say offer management is rarely a real estate professional’s easiest part of the day.

That’s where Offer Manager comes in. Offer Manager is ShowingTime’s solution for making the stress of handling offers a thing of the past – whether you’re submitting or receiving the offer. Fully integrated within ShowingTime’s scheduling platform, Offer Manager builds upon the timesaving benefits the service introduces into showing management and adds a system dedicated to doing the same for the offer process. And, as we recently announced, Offer Manager is now included with Appointment Center by ShowingTime+ at no additional cost!

For an overview of how Offer Manager can streamline offer management for you, check out our new video:

What you see in the video is just a taste of what Offer Manager provides. Since its launch, Offer Manager has received multiple new updates to incorporate feedback from the service’s growing number of users. In the last year alone, Offer Manager has added:

  • Admin logins for both teams and offices
  • MLS customization
  • The option to automatically forward offers to sellers
  • Buyer’s agent capabilities

Yet those updates are only a taste of what’s to come for Offer Manager. At the ShowingTime 2022 Executive Forum, more than 125 leaders from MLSs and associations learned about forthcoming updates for buyer’s agents, sellers and third-party integration opportunities with Offer Manager.

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Now used by boards, MLSs, offices, teams and individual agents around the country to greatly streamline offer management, Offer Manager has become as indispensable a tool as ShowingTime’s showing management services have long been. As a broker in San Diego said, “It saves an absurd amount of time. It’s a game-changer.”

Offer Manager changes the game for offer management. Seamlessly integrated within the existing ShowingTime showing management platform in use by agents across the country, taking advantage of Offer Manager’s benefits requires very little additional onboarding to get going. To learn more about how you can leverage this valuable service along with additional time-saving tools included with Appointment Center by ShowingTime+ click the button below to schedule a call with our expert Sales Team.