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Can a real estate professional ever have too many leads? Perish the thought! We previously covered 13 Lead Sources for REALTORS, and that list remains a valuable asset for agents, new and veteran alike. We decided to dig a little deeper and highlight nine additional lead sources that agents can take advantage of to propel their business.

1.Sponsor local events

While this option has the potential to be among the pricier of the lead sources in this blog, there are few better ways to get the word out about your business in your community than sponsoring a local event. Sponsoring events specifically about real estate is a good bet, but you can also benefit by being creative and focusing on less obvious avenues on which to spend your hard-earned dollars. You can also get strategic and search for events that are intended for audiences that match your areas of expertise, like seminars for seniors or millennial-focused events.

2. Build your own website

We previously covered both dos and don’ts for building a quality lead-generating website and tips for generating leads from a website, so we don’t need to go into too much detail here. What does bear repeating, however, is this: building a website is easier than it’s ever been, and it’s a worthwhile investment for drawing new leads.

3. Use video on social media

While we already covered social media in our previous blog on lead sources, video on social media is a different enough beast that deserves its own attention as a great way to attract eyeballs – and leads. The numbers don’t lie: In their 2018 State of Social Video Marketer Trends report, video creation firm Animoto found that video was consumers’ favorite type of content to view on social media. Video content provides a creative outlet for demonstrating the value of your business, giving you a key advantage over competitors who still rely on text promotion alone. Of course, you don’t need to leverage a pricey video production company to produce video – any current smartphone can produce quality video that your social media followers would love.

Bonus: Check out our post on seven different types of videos you can produce.

4. Attend networking events

Networking events are a classic source for generating leads. But don’t let their reputation as stodgy, old school affairs fool you: networking events still have a vital place in your roster of lead generation options today. By their nature, networking events bring together fellow real estate professionals who are eager to expand their professional sphere of influence and so make for great places to learn about lead opportunities. Best of all, many networking opportunities are provided at no-cost to attendees! Looking for some advice for mastering networking? Never fear! Review our blog with 11 tips to make the most of networking here.

5. Host your own podcast

A podcast is a great avenue for sharing your industry and market insight, and by virtue, a great way to generate leads. Thankfully, gone are the days where you needed expensive equipment and a recording booth (or a connection at the local radio station) to broadcast your voice to a mass audience. All you need is a recording device, audio editing software and podcast hosting. Like with video, your smartphone is perfectly suitable for recording your audio, and free software for audio editing is available for both Android and iOS phones. Even hosting is offered at no-cost from some providers, like  Buzzsprout. At a loss for what to discuss? Start with your observations on your market or other insight that will speak to would-be leads in your area.

6. Become an expert source for local media

There are few things a reporter loves more than an expert source who is willing to share his or her professional insight into a local topic of interest for readers. While it’s sadly true that many smaller newspapers have gone under in recent years, the National Newspaper Association reports that there are still roughly 1,408 different daily newspapers still in publication nationwide. If you’re among those fortunate enough to have local media in your community, check the publication’s website, find the reporter who covers real estate, the economy and/or local issues, and reach out to volunteer your expertise. Once you’ve been published, you gain a powerful, free source for leads.

7. Present at an industry event

Industry events, like trade shows and conferences, can be a great lead source, and not just for those sitting behind booths on the show floor soliciting business cards. Search online for upcoming industry events and home in on those that are accepting speaker proposals. A good presentation can enhance your reputation and, in the presence of the right audience, earn you great referrals.

8. Step up your philanthropy

No matter how you give back, your neighbors will appreciate your efforts to strengthen your community. While it’s never a good idea to brag about your contributions, there’s no shame in mentioning your good work to the world to create a favorable first impression for would-be clients. Your generosity is win-win: you’ll be making your community a better place and you’ll be letting the world know that you’re committed to helping others – a good look for anyone in real estate.

9. Host a blog

While having a website is a great way to generate leads, the addition of a blog can be a real gamechanger when it comes to securing additional client attention. A blog allows you to share a more personal approach to real estate, giving you a highly visible platform for your personality to shine through. Where your website allows you to display the qualities that make you an expert, your blog can be all about you as an individual, providing an excellent way for you to differentiate yourself from your market’s competing agents.

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