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The main objective of ShowingTime products is to make the real estate showing management scheduling and feedback process easier for agents, teams, offices, associations and MLSs.

The nuts and bolts of that objective includes appointment specialists who never miss a call, automated feedback requests and plenty more — all of which allows agents to spend time on other tasks that help them grow their business.

But those aren’t the only benefits.

ShowingTime products can also help agents win more listings and close more sales — both of which are also positives for sellers.

The process of selling a home is a stressful one. Whether a prospective client contacts an agent after being referred by a friend or after finding them online, agents still need to prove why they’re the best real estate professional for the job.

How does ShowingTime help? By streamlining tasks agents and keeping sellers informed, for starters.

Here are seven other ways agents who use ShowingTime products and services have an edge over agents who don’t, and how agents can impress their sellers with ShowingTime.

1. More Showings

Subscribers to the ShowingTime Appointment Center hand over showing request and confirmation calls to appointment specialists, who handle the back and forth of appointment scheduling. Not only does this free up the listing agent’s time to focus on more important tasks — such as marketing the listing — but it also ensures no showing request goes unfulfilled.

That means more showings and a higher chance of getting the home sold in a timely manner at a reasonable price.

“If you’re not using a showing service, you’re missing out on a key piece of leverage,” Keller Williams Capital District Associate Broker Sarah D’Angelo said.

2. Sellers Stay in the Loop

Thanks to the ShowingTime mobile app, sellers can be involved in as little or as much of the process as possible.

If sellers only want to know what time a showing is and when they should be out of the house, that’s fine.

But they also can be immersed in every aspect of the process and know exactly what’s going on with their listing.

Rather than having to rely full on the listing agent and showing agent for updates on showings, sellers can ask their listing agent to enable them to use the mobile app, which allows them to participate in the confirmation process. With the app, sellers can quickly and easily confirm or deny showing requests.

“I was amazed at how user-friendly the app was,” homeowner Lorri Briggs said. “Not only did it help me keep organized and on top of prospective buyer traffic, but it clearly showed anything that I still needed to respond to. Every morning I would review our showing times and plan accordingly.”

3. Customized Showing Settings

Listing agents can set showing rules and restrictions on their listings for simple showing scheduling, blocking off dates and times that are inconvenient for showings.

Or, if sellers are going to be gone for a weekend or any period of time, they can set their listing to “Go and Show/Courtesy Call,” allowing showing agents to schedule showings at any time without confirmation.

Did you know? This type of appointment setting receives nearly 30 percent more showings.

4. Automated Feedback Requests

All ShowingTime products include automated feedback requests, which sends the showing agent as many as three reminders to submit feedback on the listing.

Our products also include customized feedback*, which allows listing agents to pose specific questions to showing agents and prospective buyers about what they did or didn’t like about the house.

Feedback can be screened by listing agents before being shared with sellers or sent directly to them.

“[Feedback] helps me and our seller cater to the prospective buyers and ultimately sell the home,” Samson Properties agent Christopher DiNapoli said

And, again, showing confirmation, showing restrictions and feedback can all be accessed by sellers on the ShowingTime mobile app.

“Having a central repository of information in ShowingTime’s mobile app is so helpful,” homeowner Mike Dihel said. “It provides me with the analytics I need to understand if my Realtor is getting the number of showings needed to sell my house.”

Read more about Mike’s experience selling a house using the ShowingTime mobile app.

*A limited number of MLSs only have Standard Feedback with their subscriptions.

5. Detailed Reports

ShowingTime subscribers receive several reports that help keep agents and clients up to date and connected.

Among our most popular are the Target Market Analysis Report, which can help you set an asking price that will attract the most buyers, and the Activity on Comparables report, which helps agents see how similar properties are faring on the market in real time.

The Listing Activity Report is also a convenient way to keep track of all your listing’s activity and, like all ShowingTime reports, can be shared with sellers.

“Listing reports are detailed and show a wealth of information about showings and feedback, and they create a picture for your seller about what the market is saying about their property,” RE/MAX Legends associate broker Hank Bailey said.

6. Tech Savvy

More and more buyers and sellers are looking for tech-savvy agents, especially as the clientele shifts younger.

In fact, a 2015 Redfin survey found that 57 percent of buyers and sellers said the technology their agent uses is important; by comparison, only 31 percent said, “the only thing that matters is the quality of the agent.”

By telling sellers you use a full-service, 24/7/365 appointment center, a mobile app and/or reporting tools, you’re showing them you’re a savvy agent who’s using the industry’s most up-to-date technology.

7. Display Your Market Knowledge

For agents who are members of MLSs that subscribe to MarketStats by ShowingTime*, a host of other in-depth analytic tools are available to help them and their sellers better understand the market.

InfoSparks lets you compare trends of up to four different areas, while FastStats generates ready-to-share market reports by using an interactive map.

Stats such as these, coupled with relevant feedback, can help sellers determine what their home is really worth.

*MarketStats by ShowingTime is sold at the MLS level only.

Are you looking for ways to streamline your business, including automating your feedback? ShowingTime has several products that offer automated feedback requests. Click below to request a demo and learn more.