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Video is becoming increasingly popular on the web and in social media today and, if you’re a real estate agent not using it in your marketing, you’re missing out on a key opportunity to grow your business.

Consider that in 2016, 73 percent of global online traffic was video, according to Cisco — a number that will grow to 81 percent by 2021. Plus, 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.


Are you ready to add video to your real estate marketing or up your current video efforts?

Because of the visual nature of real estate — and the complexities of the industry for many outsiders — it’s actually the perfect industry in which to take advantage of the growing movement toward video.

Here are seven different types of videos for real estate marketing that can help you stand out in your market:

1. Listing Videos

The bread and butter of real estate video marketing. A video can hold attention and tell a better story than a gallery of photos, though don’t be afraid to include still photos, as well.

2. Neighborhood Videos

Finding a house is only one part of the search. Buyers are also looking for a neighborhood they can envision calling home.

Show of some of the perks of the area by filming parks, the downtown area, a local parade or community event. Maybe think about reviewing a local favorite restaurant, as well, to show off the area’s uniqueness.

3. Introduction Video

An introduction video is the perfect media to put on your website, YouTube homepage or link from your other social media channels. Not only can you introduce yourself to prospective clients, but the video itself shows off your tech skills and can be a great way to display your personality and get people thinking, “I want that person to help me find a new home.”

4. Testimonials

Testimonials are a big part of building your business, so it makes sense to share the feelings of your past clients over different mediums.

A block of text and a headshot of past clients is great. But filming them in the new home you helped them find is great marketing material for prospective clients.

5. Livestream Videos

Eighty percent of audiences would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog, according to, while 82 percent prefer live video to social posts.

The great thing about livestream video — and why you might want to start with this type of video — is it’s completely casual. Viewers won’t care if the lighting isn’t perfect or something is out of place. It’s live, it’s spontaneous and it’s bringing prospective clients into your world.

Some ideas:

  • A quick hit before the start of an open house, inviting people to stop by.
  • Did you just get asked an interesting question by a client in real life or on social? Chances are others have a similar question, so go live in a “I thought this would be helpful” manner.
  • Weekly Q&A session.
  • The possibilities are endless!

6. Themed Videos

Make every Friday a Q&A session. Each Monday, detail something interesting going on within your market. Or, do a special step-by-step “What new homebuyers need to know” series to keep your friends/followers/connections coming back to your page for more information.

By creating an editorial calendar — and sticking to it — you’ll become part of your social network’s routine and something they look forward to.

7. Year in Review/Look-Ahead

End each year reviewing the happenings in your local market. Are sales prices higher? Is there an inventory shortage? How does that compare to the next county over? How will these numbers trend into the coming year?

This is not only useful information to share with followers — whether they’re searching for a home or not — but also interesting fodder that could lead you to being asked by local media to comment on your market.

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