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Congratulations, real estate broker/owner!

Business is good and your office is busy — so much so that you’ve had to add more agents to your team.

And you’ve done just that, finding a new real estate agent ready and excited to join your team. It might be a rookie agent with a fresh real estate license, a solid veteran or one of the biggest names in your market.

Regardless of their credentials, it’s now time for all parties to look ahead and plan for what comes next. What do you expect of them? What are their ideas?

And, perhaps most importantly, how do you integrate new real estate agents to your team and help them quickly become comfortable in their new surroundings so they can become a valued, productive member?

Most offices and/or businesses have a welcome strategy for new hires. If you don’t, or are looking to update yours, here are six ways broker/owners can help integrate new agents into their real estate office and/or team.

1. Office Introduction

Chances are most people in your office were aware a search was going on, whether from internal discussions, a job posting or seeing a few random faces around during the interview process. Plus, a current team member or two probably sat in on some of the interviews and discussed some of the prospects’ attributes with coworkers around the water cooler.

Still, be sure to alert them once you’ve made a decision and let them know when the new hire’s first day will be so all team members are kept in the loop.

On the new hire’s first day, introduce them to teammates at a team meeting, one by one at their desks or via email.

2. Public Introduction

An office introduction is appreciated and welcoming, but if your office is on social media, create a post with a picture and a few fun facts about your new hire.

The post likely won’t garner a lot of social media engagement, but the gesture will be meaningful to the new hire and give others in your industry a glimpse at your office culture and how you value your employees.

3. Welcome Lunch or Happy Hour

Introductions and small talk around the office are great, but a team lunch or happy hour is a nice way to show the new person all sides of your office culture — especially if such activities are commonplace.

4. Training

Even the most experienced agent needs a bit of time to settle into a new office. They might not need to learn their market or find new leads, but they may have to adjust to new scheduling software or scheduling tools, or familiarize themselves with new analytical tools.

Plus, every office is different. From simple expectations to office jargon, it takes time to adjust to new surroundings.

5. Have a Mentorship Program or Buddy System

Whether a new hire has a mentor or a buddy depends on their experience, but it’s important for them to have someone to ask questions to other than you, their new boss.

Not only does it give them a colleague to ask questions to and build a relationship with, but it also takes a bit off your plate so you can focus on doing higher level tasks and not falling behind.

6. Have an Open-Door Policy

That said, be sure to let new hires know you’re always available to answer any questions, no matter how big or small. Such a policy doesn’t only help build morale and trust, but also encourages an environment where everyone’s opinion is welcome.


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