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The ShowingTime mobile app allows agents to request and confirm showings, manage showing feedback and much more. 

Aside from being as simple as “Point, Tap, Show,” the app also allows agents to keep tabs on all aspects of the home buying/selling process no matter where they are. 

Here are six metrics you can track in the mobile app: 

1. Number of Upcoming Appointments

Listing agents can see all appointments on their listings, while buyer’s agents can view the status of all showings they’ve requested, color coded by appointment status. 

Here’s How: On the main menu, select On My Listings, to see appointments on your listings or I Have Requested to see appointments you are scheduled show a buyer

2. Number of Upcoming Tours

Showing agents using ShowingCart® can view their buyer’s tour, complete with the number of stops and each showing’s confirmation status. 

Here’s How: Once you have selected the ShowingCart button from the main menu, you’ll be presented with your upcoming tours. Tap on the tour to see it ordered by stops, with each listing color coded to indicate its current status. 

3. New Feedback Requests

You can view feedback requests from other agents on listings you have shown, grouped by completion status, through the notification center or Feedback section. 

Here’s How: Select On My Listings on the main menu to see the inbound requests and Listings I’ve Shown to enter feedback for other appointments

4. Submitted Feedback

Feedback can easily be accessed after it’s been submitted via the notification center.  You can also view feedback even if you missed the notification. 

Here’s How: Select Feedback on the main menu. Then, choose to see the inbound feedback on your listing or outbound requests for other listings.

5. View Number of Showings

Many different metrics are included in the Listing Activity Report, including the number of showings in the past seven days, 30 days and for the life of the listing. 

Here’s How: From the main menu, click on the Listing Activity Report menu option and choose the listing. The first page you see is the summary page, which is a snapshot of all activity on the listing, including the number of showings. 

6. View Buyer Activity

After showing a number of listings, the differences between them can become blurred. Attaching the buyers’ name to showings can help you notice the hidden attributes the listings shared with your clients. This information could also be used to narrow down or clarify features buyers really want. 

Here’s How: Scroll down to the Contacts section and choose Buyers or Sellers*. These searchable lists contain all your clients and their history. 

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*The ability to add sellers is available in select markets

The ShowingTime mobile app is free for ShowingTime customers. You can download it from the Apple Store or Google Play.