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From the listing presentation to the day of closing, your clients are depending on you to guide them through their selling journey. Many sellers look for an agent who is an expert on market trends and can share data to back up their decisions. Others want to be as involved as possible with the process, confirming showings and reviewing feedback along the way. No matter the type of client you are working with, ShowingTime has the tools you need to deliver a personalized, exceptional experience and have them referring you to their friends and family.

We put together a list of five ways ShowingTime can help you wow your clients (and prospective clients).

1. Wow Your Prospective Clients in the Listing Presentation

Your first impression with prospective clients includes your website and email conversations you have with them, but the big key is the listing presentation. It is a way to show them what you can offer that others may not be able to, giving them a competitive edge selling their listing.

Be sure to introduce prospective clients to Home by ShowingTime, our mobile app designed especially for buyers and sellers. Once you add them to the listing worksheet in ShowingTime, sellers will have access to showing appointment details, reports and showing feedback. Depending on your preferences, you can even have them confirm appointments and receive feedback right away or after your review.

Using the Target Market Analysis Report*, you can graphically display showing activity on other properties just like theirs – throughout the entire MLS – to help them better understand the market and give them an idea of what to expect for showings.

If you are using the ShowingTime Appointment Center, tell your prospective clients about your team of 400+ appointment specialists that makes scheduling showings on their home quick and easy. Assure them that no showing requests ever fall through the cracks, since your team is available 24/7/365 to promptly respond to requests.

2. Wow Your Clients with Showings

In most cases, sales can’t happen without showings, so we know the importance of getting as many showings as possible for your clients. Your expertise marketing their listing is the driving force to generate interest, but thankfully when you use ShowingTime you can be sure appointment times will accommodate your client’s schedules and preferences, in turn contributing to making the process of selling their home less stressful.

With more people working from home and perhaps doing e-learning with their kids, there may be certain times when your clients do not want to have showings. By setting up rules and restrictions in ShowingTime, you can block off those inconvenient dates and times so that no showings can be scheduled.

Your clients can also customize the way they receive notifications from Home by ShowingTime, which can be set up from the app or from their computer. Whether they prefer text, calls, email or mobile app notifications, they can set their profile preferences to fit their needs. If you would like, you can have your clients confirm showings directly through these notifications with just a few taps, giving them a sense of control that can also ease their stress. In many markets, clients will get a showing complete notification so they know exactly when the showing is over and are not waiting around wondering when they can return home.

There are several appointment types to fit your clients’ needs including Go and Show, perfect for your most flexible clients since it automatically confirms showings and notifies you and the sellers when they will occur. This is ideal for vacant properties, or when your clients are out of town for a long weekend or holiday break. Listings set as Go and Show typically receive up to 30 percent more showings!

3. Wow Your Clients with Feedback

Clients really value the feedback they receive from showings, which can help when you need to discuss a price adjustment or renovations that might need to be made to get the best price. With ShowingTime’s seamless feedback request process, most listings have a 70 percent response rate.

As mentioned earlier, you can set up feedback so that you review it before passing it along in case there is anything you don’t want shared, or you can have clients automatically receive it in Home by ShowingTime – whatever works best.

You can also customize your feedback templates* to gather the information you and your clients really need. Add property-specific questions for insights that can help sell the home, or use a standard template that will work for all your listings.

4. Wow Your Clients with Technology

Clients can be anxious if it’s their first time buying or selling a home. Even those who have been through the process more than once can still feel anxious. By giving them real-time updates on showings and feedback, they’ll feel like they are never kept in the dark, but instead are always on the same page as you with what is happening.

With a Home by ShowingTime account, sellers get their very own version of the Listing Activity Report that includes a snapshot view of showings, other specific activities such as agent inquiries and inspections plus a showing activity graph. They can also view all activities in an overview list and access all feedback on the home you’ve shared with them. As earlier mentioned, they can set their own notification preferences and will be alerted of all showings whether confirming requests or just getting details.

If your sellers are also buying a home with you, or if you’re working with other buyer clients, you can add their contact information to showing requests to give them insight on upcoming tours with listing details and turn-by-turn directions to the listing in Home by ShowingTime. The buyer’s details are only available to you as an agent. We do not share this information with anyone by default**. They will also be notified as soon as a showing is confirmed or cancelled, and the new My Commute Time feature enables them to calculate commutes from the potential new home to frequently visited locations such as school or work.

5. Wow Your Clients with Data

It’s always best to have data to back up decisions. As mentioned, the Listing Activity Report is commonly used to review all activity for the life of a listing. Your sellers will get access to a personalized version of the report in Home by ShowingTime so they always know what’s happening with their listing. You can also share the report with them via email directly through your ShowingTime profile.

The Target Market Analysis Report*, mentioned before, helps identify which price ranges throughout the MLS are getting the most showings, and can be customized by date, by ZIP, number of bedrooms and much more. Using the report will help you set the listing price with your clients, but can also be used to guide conversations about potential price adjustments after their listing has been active for a while. If you’re seeing more showing activity in the $350,000-$399,000 price range, for example, you may talk to your clients about lowering their price if it’s currently at $405,000 so it can get into that sweet spot, and perhaps generate more showings to sell the home faster.

There are several other helpful reports you can use to make informed decisions, find potential buyers and compare your clients listing with others in the area.

*Available when using upgraded products
** In some markets you may have an option to elect to share the buyer’s name with the listing office. Some markets may even require this information to be shared.

Whether you’re a long-time ShowingTime for the MLS user looking to introduce even more efficiencies into your business or you’re new to ShowingTime, our Sales team can work with you to provide the right solution to your unique business needs. Click the button below to contact them today.