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Buyer feedback is essential. But too often, feedback requests go unanswered, comment boxes are left empty, and feedback is vague.

Why is it so hard to get feedback?

As you know, agents are constantly on the go. From one showing to the next, to a potential client meeting, to a networking event … it’s hard to find time to sit down and respond to a feedback request, especially if the client isn’t interested in the listing.

But that’s the feedback you want … why aren’t they interested? Is it priced too high, is the back yard too small, is the kitchen floor outdated, or are the bedrooms too small?

How can you encourage more feedback? We’ve put together a quick list of 5 tips:

1. Request Feedback in a Timely Manner

Should you send feedback requests immediately following a showing, four hours after, or the next day?

We found the most optimal time to send feedback requests is one hour after the showing, while the house is still fresh in the agent’s mind and they can easily remember what their buyers thought of the house.

To improve your response rate and help jog the agent’s memory, include your company name and logo, your photo, and a photo of the house with your feedback request.

2. Keep Your Feedback Form Short

The shorter your feedback form, the better response you’ll receive.

Real estate agents don’t have time to fill out a 10-question feedback form. Shoot for a feedback request form that takes three minutes or less with no more than six questions.

3. Only Ask Questions You’ll Use

Your objective is to find out what the buyer thought of the house so that you can talk with your sellers about improvements that may be needed or if a price reduction is necessary. It makes the conversation easier when you have validation directly from the market.

Don’t ask “did you find the property ok?” That won’t get you the information you need to inform your sellers of the next steps. Instead, ask “what is your opinion of the price” or “what did you like most (and least) about the house?”

Remember, it’s hard to get feedback so make sure the process is as painless as possible for agents.

4. Prioritize the Most Important Questions

Start by thinking about what’s the most compelling information to present to your sellers that will help you sell the house. For most, it’s price and condition of the house.

If you’re having trouble prioritizing your questions, jot down a list of all of the items you want feedback on and pick the top five or six. You want agents to answer the questions that matter.

Keep your questions short and concise and only mark the most important ones as required.

5. Customize Your Questions for Each Listing

You should include customized questions for each listing to help you get the most useful feedback. Avoid general questions … ask agents to tell you the things you want to know.

However, you don’t have to customize all of your questions. You’ll have a few standard questions, such as questions about pricing and likes and dislikes, but include a couple of house-specific questions to show that you and your sellers really care about the feedback.

Honest feedback from agents, on behalf of their buyers, helps listing agents coach their sellers. If your seller hasn’t been willing to lower the price of their house but several showing agents say the price is too high, you can tell your buyer what the market is saying. The feedback from potential buyers helps convince the seller of the next steps.

Ultimately, feedback can lead to a quicker sale so it’s important to have a consistent process in place for requesting feedback from the buyer’s agent and sharing feedback with your sellers.

Are you still calling agents after each showing to request feedback?

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