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“What do you do all day?”

It’s a common question many real estate agents get on a regular basis from those outside of the industry. We all know there’s a lot that goes into being an agent. But what are some daily habits that separate the best agents?

Here’s a list of five things we’ve discovered top real estate agents do each day to build – and maintain – a successful business, presented in a way an agent’s day might unfold:

1. Follow Up

This is the perfect way to start your day. Pour a cup of coffee, sit in your office or at a Starbucks and check in on what you missed overnight. Answer emails, return phone calls and respond to social media posts. Go over pending sales agreements and contracts. Plan the social media content you’ll create and share this week (more on that below). And don’t forget to prep for your day: Review all scheduled showings and double-check market stats and trends so you’re ready to answer whatever questions come your way.

2. Market Yourself

We’ll split this into four key elements of marketing, all of which are important in expanding your brand and business.

  • Social media: Most social interaction can be done during your follow up. If you answer your calls, texts and emails first thing in the morning, wouldn’t it also make sense to respond to your Twitter mentions and Facebook comments? If you think social media is less personable, we won’t argue. But if your quick response times on social media are seen by prospective clients – and that’s extremely likely, given how often we’re all on it – that’s another marketing tool in itself.
  • Blogging: Like social media, blogging is another way agents can share their knowledge and insights. You don’t have to write 1,500-word posts three times a week or even once a day – just make sure your website/social media feeds don’t go stale. Blogging is a great way to a) keep your content fresh, b) educate former/current/prospective clients and c) keep yourself up to date by researching and writing on national, regional and local trends. You can also draw traffic to your website and grow your brand by sharing your posts on social media. Here’s an interesting and more in-depth look we found about why blogging can be advantageous.
  • Networking: This is also done via social media, but don’t think thousands of online friends and followers alone will generate a successful lead. Regularly attend local community events to show your face and pass out business cards. Get to know and keep in touch with those who help make the home buying/selling process easier, such as appraisers, lenders and insurance providers, who can recommend you to their clients.
  • Traditional marketing: Most marketing can be done from your fingertips, but don’t forget the basics. Make sure business cards, flyers, postcards, signs and all other promotional materials are current and creative.

3. Prospect

Every client and sale begins as a lead, so it goes without saying that generating new leads is perhaps the most important part of your day. Keep tabs on your sphere of influence, as well as their family and friends over the phone or via social media. Check in periodically with former clients so you’re the first agent they think of for a referral – here are three tips on how to go about it. Scour “For Sale By Owner” and expired listings. Constantly work the phones and always be on the lookout for potential clients. When hosting open houses, be sure to connect with everyone who walks through the door. Your busy schedule won’t allow you to do all of these things daily, but commit a few hours each day to generating leads.

4. Be Available

Your morning ritual of responding to calls, texts and social media posts shouldn’t end after your second cup of coffee; it needs to be an up-to-the-minute habit. You never know when your next lead is going to come in, so always respond quickly when you have free time. Your attentiveness will pay off in turning leads into clients and sales.

5. Endless Education

This is about more than making sure your license/certification is up to date. It’s about being knowledgeable about trends, technology, available listings, mortgage rates, real estate laws and practices and more. Continuing your education is important in all walks of life, but especially in real estate.

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