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Residential real estate agents sometimes say they prefer handling the showing appointment scheduling process themselves. That they prefer a personal touch versus outsourcing the work to an appointment center service that specializes in scheduling showings.

Here’s a question worth asking: What do your sellers say?

If you’ve got one or two listings, handling the scheduling process yourself may be a sound business decision. If you’ve got five or more listings, though, things can get hectic fast. It can be chaotic keeping showings straight.

Even so, what about your sellers? What’s their opinion? Their goal is to get plenty showings, so their home is exposed to as many buyers as possible, leading to attractive offers. With that in mind, here are five reasons your sellers will love you for using an appointment center:

1. More time for you to spend marketing the listing
2. Better chance of getting feedback from showing agents
3. Requests answered 24/7/365 (when using the ShowingTime Appointment Center)
4. No interruptive calls – sellers can confirm via a mobile app 2-way text message (when using ShowingTime)
5. Automatic emails to previous showing agents if you lower the price (when using ShowingTime)

If the seller’s goal is to get lots of showings to sell the home at list price – which, of course, is the listing agent’s goal, too – it makes sense that listing agents would spend the bulk of their time marketing their listings.

It’s the classic “high-payoff” vs. “low-payoff” choice we all make every day: which task should I spend time on that will have the highest payoff? Some refer to this decision as “HIPO” vs. “LOPO.” It’s worth using a thought process such as this when you think about how to spend your time as a listing agent.

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