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Improving efficiency and increasing productivity (and sales) are near the top of every real estate professional’s wish list.

Chances are, after you’ve taken stock of what you can do on your own, you likely turn to technology to help make your business run even smoother.

Depending on which part of your business you’re trying to simplify, have you considered streamlining the showing scheduling process by purchasing or upgrading your current showing management software?

Your process for managing and scheduling showings might go overlooked in the grand scheme of your business, but make no mistake: it can be a huge time sink if not handled efficiently.

Showing software can help in a number of ways. Here are five benefits of showing scheduling software:

1. Efficient Scheduling

If you’re a single agent looking for a better way to manage your showing requests and appointments, showing management software is an easy way to schedule and keep track of everything in one place. It helps keep you organized and enhances your professionalism.

For offices, showing software helps front desk staff manage office activity so the broker and all agents know who’s showing what listing and who might be available to meet with a potential client who just called.

2. Lead Management

Showing software doesn’t only help you keep track of listings and clients; it also helps front desk staff keep track of leads calling the office or emails from prospects requesting to view a listing or speak to an agent. And, just like your office’s listings, all the leads and their information is accessible in one place.

3. Automated Feedback

One of the factors that sets ShowingTime Front Desk apart from other systems is its automated showing notifications and feedback requests. We remind agents to submit feedback up to three times — with all requests featuring your office logo, the listing agent’s photo and a picture of the home.

It’s led to an increased response rate of up to 80 percent in some markets.

4. Track Activity

With all listings, leads and showing notifications in one place, it’s easy for broker/owners to keep track of all activity going on in their office. Knowing what goes on in the office — and out in the field — can help broker/owners identify inefficiencies and create a smoother operation.

5. Generate Reports

Using showing software makes it easy to quickly generate in-depth reports highlighting agent, office or listing activity. Among the many reports accessible by ShowingTime Front Desk subscribers include:

  • Agent Activity: Keep tabs on your agents’ new listings, price changes and more
  • Office Activity: All of your office’s listing activity in one, comprehensive report
  • Office Inventory: Find all your office’s listings and the number of showings to date
  • Activity on Comparables: Compare listings by price, area, zip code and more

Showing scheduling software is a great investment for offices and single agents alike looking to increase efficiency and grow their business. If you’re still not convinced, here are three more reasons to consider showing management software.

Contact us to learn more about how ShowingTime Front Desk can help you increase efficiency and streamline your business.