ShowingTime is now part of ShowingTime+

When you use ShowingTime+ to introduce efficiencies into your workflow, you’re also enhancing the level of service you provide for your clients. Every minute a ShowingTime+ showing management service saves you by taking care of your recurring administrative duties is a minute that can be – and frequently is – reinvested into direct client engagement

It’s clear from the success stories we’ve received that real estate professionals find that ShowingTime+ services benefit their clients as much as it benefits themselves, and in more ways than just being able to dedicate more time to serving them directly. To showcase ways ShowingTime+ can help agents offer exceptional client service, we’ve highlighted four client-facing benefits you can share with them today.

Keep Clients Current with Home by ShowingTime

Home by ShowingTime is the companion experience for clients of agents who use ShowingTime to manage their showings. This free service, accessible through a mobile app or online at, allows agents to share the latest updates for both buyers and sellers straight from their existing ShowingTime+ showing management interface.


Buyers can receive real-time updates on upcoming buyer tours through Home by ShowingTime.



Home by ShowingTime allows sellers to easily access both past and upcoming appointments.

But more than offering timely status updates, Home by ShowingTime empowers your clients to access complete showing tour information, manage their listing(s) and provide/review listing feedback, all at their convenience. With Home by ShowingTime, your clients gain the insight into the buying/selling process that they expect without requiring multiple check-in calls or emails.

Help Clients Receive Timely, Meaningful Feedback with ShowingTime+’s Showing Management Services

Feedback remains one of the most important resources a seller can use for making the necessary changes to a listing needed to successfully secure an offer. Sadly, earning meaningful feedback is also often one of the most difficult parts of the process for sellers, with buyers sometimes leaving only very general responses to feedback questions – if they leave any feedback at all.

For listing agents who use the Appointment Center by ShowingTime, Front Desk by ShowingTime+ or ShowingTime for the MLS, however, clients can take advantage of useful tools designed to improve the chances of earning timely, meaningful feedback. Through those services, automatic feedback requests can be sent to those who have recently attended a showing at your client’s listing and re-sent multiple times if no response is given within a specified period. Agents can also customize feedback questions to ensure their clients are receiving the feedback they need.

Offer Showings from the Comfort of Clients’ Own Home with ShowingTime LIVE Video

While communities are no longer grappling with the most serious affects of the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person showings are still not always feasible or desired.

One of the ways agents have been able to help clients meet buyer demand in the face of preferences or an inability to physically attend a home showing has been with ShowingTime LIVE Video. As the name implies, ShowingTime LIVE Video offers a way for agents to take part in one-on-one live video showings that allow prospective buyers to ask questions and specify which parts of the home they’d like to see in greater detail, just as if they were there in person. Agents simply use their ShowingTime mobile app (or for clients, the aforementioned Home by ShowingTime application) and they’re only a few taps away from being able to schedule a live video showing!

Give Clients an Objective Look at Local Market Data with the Pricing Benchmark Report

Sellers look to you to provide guidance when making decisions about how to price their listing. Yet no matter how authoritative your market analysis may be, directing clients to making smart pricing adjustments may be a tall order.

With the Pricing Benchmark Report, available with Appointment Center and as an optional add-on for ShowingTime for the MLS users in select markets, agents can obtain the latest data on comparable listings in their market and use the findings to produce visually appealing, easily digestible reports that can support their pricing guidance.


The Pricing Benchmark Report can produce easy-to-read reports that can serve as excellent visual supplements as you engage in pricing conversations with clients.

Client service is the lifeblood of every business, and that’s especially true in real estate. With ShowingTime, agents can be sure that they’re better equipped to offer the highest quality of customer service.

ShowingTime+’s services can help you overcome common business challenges to support your client outreach efforts. When we meet your needs, you’re better able to meet their needs. To discover how ShowingTime+ can streamline your business and strengthen your relationships with your clients, reach out to our Sales Team by clicking the button below.