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The latest showing data are giving real estate professionals across the country reason for cautious optimism about the approaching summer market.

While the timing will surely vary by region, there will come a time when the market returns to its former strength. When it does, the most successful agents will be those who did their due diligence now, ahead of the proverbial opening of the floodgates.

To help you set the groundwork for the improving business prospects to come, here are four simple tips.

1. Keep your clients posted on market conditions

Since we first began to provide daily showing data to track the impact of the pandemic on home showings on both a national and state/province level, we’ve seen ever-increasing visits to our website from agents, with thousands of viewers taking a look at the latest data every week. To help both current and prospective clients prepare for a strengthening market, you too can use data as an effective marketing tool.

A brief Twitter search will highlight how real estate professionals are leveraging the data as an effective element of their social media marketing strategy. Whether you share a link to the showing activity tracker itself, offer local media coverage of the data or you use the data to make your own visually appealing infographics, stats that highlight the upswing being seen in your market support your positive messaging that lets clients know that the market is rebounding.

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2. Stay current on the latest showing trends

In a compressed timeframe, real estate tech companies like ShowingTime have responded to the current environment with the introduction of new features to keep businesses moving. One key area where innovation is visible has been in the rapid adoption of technology to facilitate showings conducted online. While some agents may initially be skeptical of the experience, technology has progressed to allow for these showings to be carried out with the personalized attention to detail that prospective buyers would expect from an in-person showing!

These live video showings have become so widely accepted, in fact, that we believe they’ll continue to be a commonly chosen option even after current restrictions on in-person showings have been universally lifted. That’s why mastering the art of the virtual showing now is not only a good strategic decision for showings in today’s environment, but also for those to come.

3. Continue your professional development

The busy season can be incredibly demanding, leaving little time (or energy) for most agents to spend honing their professional development goals anywhere beyond their daily business efforts. That’s why now – with signs of increased showing activity on the horizon – is the perfect time to tackle real estate education opportunities.

Professional development options are everywhere, with most training and education opportunities offered online and thus unaffected by shelter-in-place orders.

4. Attract the right talent

This one’s for the brokers: Even a time of slumping traffic can be a golden opportunity for developing a strategy for identifying and attracting top talent for your brokerage. As the upswing in showing activity begins to become apparent in many markets, brokers can turn to a solution like MarketView Broker to discover resilient, top-performing agents in their market that could be vital pieces in their business strategy once showings really kick into gear.

ShowingTime is dedicated to enhancing showing management products to best facilitate showings, now and when the market rebounds. Our sales team is readily available to listen to your needs and to help you find out which ShowingTime product might be best for your situation as you prepare for the turnaround to come. Click the button below to reach out to them.