For home buyers and sellers alike, engaging in a real estate transaction even in the best of times can include scary moments. These days, clients have even more on their minds that can add to their anxiety about the process. As a real estate professional, your job is to be both an advocate and an expert as you guide your clients through the process with confidence.

That’s why ShowingTime is committed to helping you help them. In the spirit of the season, we’ve highlighted four ShowingTime offerings that agents can leverage to add certainty to – and remove fear from – a real estate transaction.

Attend Showings from the Comfort of Home with ShowingTime LIVE Video

While communities throughout the U.S. and Canada continue to grapple with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the latest data show that buyer demand is stronger than ever. This once put agents in a bind: Many of the same markets that have notable buyer demand also have restrictions on in-person showings. Even where in-person showings are permitted, some prospective buyers may still be hesitant to visit a listing in person – a reluctance that’s just as likely shared by sellers.

Fortunately, we released a solution earlier this year that has helped agents and their clients continue to attend showings from the safety and comfort of their own homes: ShowingTime LIVE Video. ShowingTime LIVE Video is a new live video streaming platform accessible from within the ShowingTime mobile app that allows agents to host one-on-one showings without the need for additional streaming software or accounts.

With ShowingTime LIVE Video, buyers and sellers alike can put their fears aside and have stress-free showings that closely match those held in-person.

Keep Clients in the Loop with Home by ShowingTime

An informed client is a confident client, so keeping your clients current is a vital part of removing any anxieties from showings. This is the logic that inspired Home by ShowingTime, the free client companion experience for buyers and sellers working with an agent who uses ShowingTime.

Home by ShowingTime is accessible from a mobile device or web browser, making it easy for clients to stay involved in the home buying and selling experience. With Home by ShowingTime, buyers can view upcoming tour information and driving directions for showings, while sellers can automatically receive and confirm showing requests, review feedback from potential buyers and view all activity on their home(s) throughout the sales process.

Home by ShowingTime empowers clients by helping them stay current and connected, removing any uncertainty from the showing process.

Provide Competitive Analysis with the Pricing Benchmark Report

Of all the conversations to be had with sellers, those about pricing are perhaps the most stressful for agent and client alike. When informed by the use of data obtained from the Pricing Benchmark Report, however, those conversations can be stress-free.

Available as an upgrade for ShowingTime Appointment Center, ShowingTime for the MLS and ShowingTime Front Desk users, the Pricing Benchmark Report provides key details on comparable listings that can be used to guide productive pricing conversations with clients.

Pricing Benchmark Report Chart

The Pricing Benchmark Report makes it simple to analyze comparable sold listings in your market.

Clients always appreciate your expert analysis, but they’ll find your advice to be especially meaningful when supported by current, localized data. With the addition of the Pricing Benchmark Report’s insights, all parties can be sure that any decisions made about a listing’s asking price are well-supported.

Offer Clients 24/7 Live Call Answering with ShowingTime Live Connect

Gone are the days of traditional business hours. Now more than ever, clients expect to be able to reach you when it’s most convenient for them, which could be later in the night or on weekends. With ShowingTime Live Connect, you can meet that expectation without having to sacrifice your personal life.

ShowingTime Live Connect is an add-on call answering and real-time message delivery service for users of the ShowingTime Appointment Center. With ShowingTime Live Connect, appointment specialists are available 24/7 to answer all your calls and deliver the messages to you in real-time by email, text or push notification through the ShowingTime mobile app.

With ShowingTime Live Connect, clients never have to fear reaching your voice mail when they have an important question, while you never have to fear the specter of having to be available all day and all night to take calls.

This season, help your clients limit the scary experiences to Halloween celebrations by using ShowingTime to keep them informed, engaged and comfortable.

Are you a real estate agent looking for the latest technology to help you better serve clients? Learn how the ShowingTime Appointment Center can be used to handle every showing request, freeing up your time to focus on other tasks to provide an unparalleled customer service experience.