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Awhile back, we wrote about the costs of scheduling showings yourself versus using a real estate appointment center service to manage the work. An agent responded with his thoughts, which includes his take on the four things you must have.

What You Need From an Appointment Center Service

This New Jersey-based agent, an industry veteran, said his keys include professionalism, availability, and flexibility.

“These are huge factors,” he said.

He then listed his top four criteria for making a decision:

  1. Look at the many ways an appointment can be confirmed — text, email, vmail, any combination of the three.
  2. Look at the reports that can be sent to the seller, so that they are informed and already prepared to meet with you about a price adjustment, if needed.
  3. Make sure you can book appointments via the web, or by phone.
  4. Confirm they have skilled and trained staff who are experts at booking appointments in a call center that never misses a call and is open longer than your office.

Good things to consider when you analyze what exactly you need to best serve your sellers — whether that means handling the scheduling process yourself, or partnering with a showing appointment service.

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