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According to a recent report from the U.S Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, drivers log an average of 13,476 miles a year. It’s likely that number is even higher for real estate agents.

As the market enters its peak season, time in the car increases as agents drive buyers from one showing to the next, conduct client meetings and attend networking events. As a result, efficiency and time management are key during this busy period.

Here are three suggestions on how ShowingTime features can help you optimize your time:

1. Use ShowingCart’s “Smart Route” Feature

ShowingCart® is one of our most widely used features. It combines the convenience of adding listings to a tour directly from your MLS with the ability to schedule multiple showings at once. It’s as simple as adding items to your cart while shopping online!

The biggest “wow factor” is the Smart Route feature. With one click, your showings will be rearranged based on the location of the properties to create the most efficient route to visit all the homes on your tour.

To start, select the listings your buyers want to see and add them to your cart (don’t forget a coffee stop!). Tap the “Smart Route” button to rearrange them in the most efficient way, taking into account suggested driving time between each stop. Then set appointment times and click “Send Requests” to submit for confirmation. Learn more >

2. Explore a Neighborhood Using the “Listings Near Me” Feature

Has your client expressed interest in a particular neighborhood or area? The “Listings Near Me” feature in the ShowingTime mobile app allows you to search for other properties while you’re in the neighborhood and view details about the listing.

You can also request a showing, and depending on the confirmation type, you may be able to show the property immediately.

3. Review ShowingTime Reports to Help You Better Understand an Area

Target Market Analysis Report*
If available in your market, this report allows you to gain insights about showing activity on homes with different price points in a specific neighborhood.

*The Target Market Analysis Report is not available in all markets.

ShowingTime Showing Index®
Our index tracks the average number of buyer showings on active residential properties on a monthly basis at national and regional levels. It’s a highly reliable indicator of current and future demand trends.

Bonus: Easily Track Your Miles
For each tour you schedule through ShowingCart, your miles are tracked. You can easily print or export a PDF from each tour with mileage and save it for tax purposes.  Learn more >

Happy showings!

Looking for tools that will help your real estate team succeed? Learn more about how ShowingTime products can help you ease your burden, save you time and enhance your business.