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It’s a mobile world, and in few professions is that truer than it is for real estate. When you’re away from your office as much as real estate professionals are, having a mobile solution for your day-to-day business needs isn’t just a ‘nice-to-have’; it’s essential for keeping your business thriving.

For ShowingTime users, that solution is the ShowingTime mobile app. Accessible from the mobile device of your choice – whether Android or iOS – the ShowingTime mobile app works with every level of showing management service we offer, including ShowingTime for the MLS, ShowingTime Front Desk and Appointment Center by ShowingTime+. Offering almost every feature ShowingTime users already enjoy on their desktop in a streamlined mobile form, the ShowingTime mobile app has proven to be an essential tool for real estate agents, earning its place as Tom Ferry’s #1 “must-have” productivity app.

But the benefits of the ShowingTime mobile app extend beyond its ability to seamlessly translate ShowingTime’s showing management features to a mobile form. The ShowingTime mobile app also offers a host of additional features tailored to the needs of agents on the go.

Here are three standout ShowingTime mobile app advantages:

Safeguard Lockbox Access with ShowingTime Secure Access®

With all the things sellers may stress about as they work to get their home sold, concerns about who’s accessing their home shouldn’t be one of them. Sadly, you don’t have to be in the industry for very long until you start hearing stories about improper access to a listing.

That’s where ShowingTime Secure Access comes in. Secure Access is integrated with the growing list of industry-leading lockbox vendors that support ShowingTime integration, including standard combination boxes, to share lockbox access while ensuring private details remain secure.

With Secure Access, showing agents receive access details just prior to the confirmed appointment time. Best of all, using the ShowingTime mobile app, agents gain one-touch access to compatible devices by simply tapping the “Unlock” button during the appointment time.

Secure Access offers the peace of mind homeowners and the agents who represent them deserve, as lockbox access is granted based on ShowingTime’s real-time appointment data, ensuring that the lockbox is accessible only by the right agent, at the right listing and at the right time. Listing agents also gain flexibility to set the access window for their listings – for example, 30 minutes before a showing and 30 minutes after. A buyer’s agent with a confirmed showing can then view access information during that window, whether it’s a combo box or Bluetooth-enabled lockbox.

For a more complete overview of how Secure Access works with the ShowingTime mobile app, see the video explanation below.

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Offer Greater Peace of Mind with Showing Beacon®

The fact that an agent’s job frequently involves a lot of travel can be stressful for reasons beyond the need to bring an office’s worth of documentation and scheduling details on the go. While fortunately uncommon, agents may find themselves in situations in which they feel uncomfortable while at a listing.

To provide greater peace of mind for agents, we offer a helpful location notification feature accessible from the ShowingTime mobile app called Showing Beacon. Showing Beacon enables agents to set a timer for a showing or client meeting and, if the timer reaches zero before being cancelled, an emergency contact selected by the agent will receive a text notification which includes details about the agent’s current location using their phone’s GPS capabilities. This enables the contact to check on the agent to make sure the agent is okay.

The Showing Beacon interface makes it easy to add contacts, extend or end the timer, or send an immediate notification.

Provide Greater Flexibility with ShowingTime LIVE Video

If there was any question that mobile technology has changed real estate considerably, the last few years should put them to bed. One of the silver linings of the COVID-19 pandemic has been how the real estate industry and its many stakeholders have rallied around rapidly advancing mobile technology to keep the industry moving forward, safely.

The introduction of ShowingTime LIVE Video exemplifies the strides the industry has taken in leveraging mobile technology to facilitate a vital part of the home buying and selling process. Integrated within the ShowingTime mobile app (and the dedicated ShowingTime app for buyers and sellers, Home by ShowingTime), ShowingTime LIVE Video allows agents and their clients to host live, one-on-one video showings without the need to create any additional accounts or download another app.

Even as conditions around the country improve such that in-person showings are once again becoming commonplace, we regularly hear from real estate professionals that ShowingTime LIVE Video has become a permanent part of their business offerings to introduce greater flexibility for when in-person showings are not feasible, like for out-of-town buyers.

The ShowingTime mobile app is just one way that ShowingTime is committed to helping real estate professionals and their clients navigate the home buying and selling process with ease and additional peace of mind.

A tailored mobile experience is an example of ShowingTime’s unparalleled showing management services. Whether you already use ShowingTime as an MLS/association feature and are considering an upgraded level of service, or you’re new to the ShowingTime ecosystem and want to learn more about our offerings, our dedicated Sales Team is available to discuss your business needs. Click the button below to reach out to them today.