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Did you know that every day, 6 billion text messages are sent in the U.S.? And that the very first one, sent 20 years ago, said “Merry Christmas?”

But is it compatible with residential real estate? How?

Also known as SMS (short message service), text messaging has turned into a vital communications tool. And not just among teens. A CNN article noted, “Texting is popular around the world, across age groups and cultures, because it is simple, concise, and compatible with every mobile device, whether it’s a $500 smartphone or a disposable flip phone.”

It’s also compatible with residential real estate. Here are three reasons why:

  1. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, text messages get through.
  2. If you’re with a client, getting a text about a showing isn’t as intrusive as a phone call.
  3. Texting “Y” to confirm a showing takes seconds.

ShowingTime has used a patented process for 2-way text messaging agents and homeowners for a long time to serve ShowingTime Appointment Center customers better, and now is also making it available to ShowingTime Front Desk customers. It results in fewer calls and quicker showing confirmations.

How It Works

  1. An agent calls the Appointment Center to request a showing; the staff person logs the details.
  2. A text message is automatically sent to the seller, who replies “Y” to confirm.
  3. An automated call is immediately made to the showing agent, saying “Your showing is confirmed.”

Even Google Uses Texts

I was just logging into my Google email account and got a “Help us keep your account secure” screen. It asked me to verify my mobile number, so they can alert me to any unusual activity in my account. How did they notify me? By sending me a text message with a verification code.

There are other modes of instant communication – instant messaging among same-phone users, such as two iPhone users; Twitter, etc. – but texting remains a viable form of communication.

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