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It’s a new year and we hope you’re as excited as we are for all it has in store! As you emerge from your well-earned holiday break and get to work on accomplishing your goals for the year, we thought we’d take the opportunity to highlight a few things we’re excited to share with you in the year ahead.

The Launch of the ShowingTime Next Gen Update

The first item on our list is a big one: 2023 will see the release of the highly anticipated next generation update to ShowingTime’s showing management platform! The major update, which will introduce a brand-new streamlined interface along with a host of new and enhanced features to make managing showings easier than ever, will be available for all users later this year.

Available at no extra cost to those who use ShowingTime to manage showings, we’re confident that users will share in our belief that the next generation ShowingTime experience will offer even greater value than ever. The update reflects extensive feedback we’ve received from users and builds on ShowingTime’s experience as a leading provider of showing management technology that stretches more than 20 years. Users can expect an experience that’s modern and feature-rich, while staying true to the existing ShowingTime design language users are familiar with to make it easy to get started utilizing the new version with little preparation.

We’re looking forward to sharing complete details on the next generation ShowingTime experience, including information on when you’ll be able to start using it. Until then, for more on what to expect from the next generation ShowingTime experience, check out our ShowingTime’s Next Generation User Experience FAQs.

Delivering on the Promise of ShowingTime+

Officially unveiled last September, 2023 marks the first full year that the residential real estate industry will be able to take advantage of ShowingTime+ and we couldn’t be more excited to share how this new unified relationship between ShowingTime, dotloop, Bridge Interactive and VRX Media will offer new opportunities to help real estate professionals succeed. While those who take advantage of services offered by the individual companies that now make up ShowingTime+ will continue to enjoy the same benefits they’re familiar with, ShowingTime+ will push the envelope for real estate tech even further.

ShowingTime+ will utilize its combined industry expertise and insights to offer even more opportunities to help agents and brokers deliver top-notch client experiences and grow their brands and businesses. This year, you’ll already begin to see the fruits of what ShowingTime+ has to offer for those looking to provide an enhanced experience for clients and remove inefficiencies from their workflow.

Be on the lookout for more about ShowingTime+ and how ShowingTime+ solutions can help you provide exceptional service throughout 2023. For the latest on ShowingTime+, visit

Offering Exceptional Experiences with Listing Media Services by ShowingTime+

Agents are always looking for an opportunity to elevate listings to stand out from the competition; using high-quality photography and rich media is one way to meet that goal. Yet the process for acquiring the right media at the right time is almost never easy, especially at the speed often demanded when a listing needs to go live ASAP.

Fortunately, we have a solution to that all-too-common issue, and it’s one that may be in your market shortly: Listing Media Services by ShowingTime+. Already available in select markets and expanding to additional markets throughout 2023, Listing Media Services is a service that offers a simple, quick and reliable way to book and receive quality photography and rich media to help agents ensure their listings stand out in any market.

Agents can utilize Listing Media Services to deliver expert visual media in three simple steps.

  1. Choose a package — Simply enter the property address and select the media you want to receive.
  2. Schedule — View real-time availability for local photographers and schedule a time for as soon as the next day.
  3. Receive media — The next day after your shoot*, you’ll receive a link to retrieve your listing media.

For complete details on this exciting new service from ShowingTime+, visit the Listing Media Services page on the ShowingTime+ website here.

There’s a lot to look forward to in 2023 from ShowingTime+, with the three aspects highlighted above barely scratch the surface. To stay current on the latest from ShowingTime+, be sure to bookmark and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

*For Essentials package, Monday-Saturday

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