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Researching the ins and outs of hiring a showing appointment scheduling service to handle your very important listings can be a challenge.

As you prepare, consider putting together a list of questions. These 10 can help get you started:

  1. How late are you open? What about weekends?
  2. How fast are calls answered? Are there ‘live’ specialists at all times?
  3. Do you connect with my MLS? How often does your system get updates from my MLS?
  4. What reports do you offer?
  5. How are my sellers involved in confirming showings?
  6. Will you use my company logo?
  7. Can I stop service at anytime?
  8. Is there training?
  9. What pricing plans do you offer?
  10. Are there any discounts right now?

Any showing appointment service should be prepared to answer these questions and more. They’re all important; afterall, it’s your business and your reputation at stake. Also to help prepare yourself, consider these six myths about appointment centers.

A vendor should be like a partner, an extension of you. Be sure to take notes as you compare … good luck!

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