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To say the internet is vast would be the understatement of the millennium. In milliseconds, Google will aggregate thousands of relevant results to even the most obscure searches.

However, for every industry thought leader, there are hundreds of others putting out content that may not be as helpful. It’s difficult to decipher the legitimate sources from the less informed ones.

In today’s WordPress, pay-to-play landscape, any John Doe can design a professional looking website for a few dollars, hire an SEO specialist and, if all goes well, his website appears on page one of your search.

We’ve found several solid sources that you may already be familiar with, but thought it would be helpful to aggregate them in a list to help you keep up with the latest and greatest in real estate:

  1. Inman – One of the first things I check when getting into the office each morning is Inman’s website and Twitter feed. They have tons of current, well-written content. A great source for agents and real estate enthusiasts alike.
  2. RISMedia –RISMedia is another excellent source of real estate news and trends, with plenty of human interest stories that might be helpful to you.
  3. Adwerx – A marketing service for real estate agents that provides useful information on tech-related industry trends.
  4. Forbes – Forbes is obviously a renowned and respected news source; it posts an in-depth real estate page that’s useful to review. It’s got more of a financial focus, but checking it a few times a week is worth the effort.
  5. Zillow – A nice variety of tips, fun facts, and finance-based articles. A great place to learn DIY tips and find out how much Lebron James is selling one of his mansions for.
  6. – A great, always current source for market fluctuation information and tips.
  7. Andrew Fortune’s Blog – Based out of Colorado Springs, CO, Andrew provides great content helpful to both real estate professionals and their clients.
  8. Trulia – Tons of great listed content (a la Buzzfeed).
  9. Vendor Alley – Covers everything real estate related from financials to advertising to MLS news.
  10. Notorious R.O.B. – A former MLS executive and current management consultant, Rob Hahn offers a wealth of knowledge on his blog.

There are many, many other excellent blogs out there. If yours isn’t listed, it is by no means a knock on the quality of your content. On that note, which of your favorite blogs are missing?

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