Social Media Training Resources

Each topic below references a training post used for ShowingTime’s social media campaigns. You will see the topic and the content that will be used for your post. Simply click the social media icons on the post, which will enable you to quickly share a post.


How can I schedule another showing on a recently viewed listing?

How can I schedule another showing on a recently viewed listing? The ShowingTime mobile app provides a straightforward way to schedule showings on recently viewed listings. Schedule a new appointment as you normally would by tapping “Schedule a Showing” on the side menu and selecting a listing in the “Recent” tab on the “Select a Listing” page. #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®

Updating showing instructions

Quick tip: Up-to-date showing instructions help agents schedule showings on your listings, removing unnecessary confusion over who to contact and what to expect. Review your instructions regularly to make sure access details and the homeowners’ contact information is current. #QuickTips #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®

FAQ: Why do all my showings and feedback notification emails come from the same agent?

Our showing and feedback notifications are sent from one of three email addresses:,, or When an agent sees ShowingTime messages coming from the one agent, it’s typically the result of one of these emails being saved as a specific agent contact in their email account. Every time ShowingTime sends an email, it makes the agent’s email client show all emails as being from that contact. Note that if you reply to the email, it will go directly to the agent, not to ShowingTime. The fix is easy: Check your contacts/address book for that agent and remove our email address (noted above) from the contact information. This will fix the problem. #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR® #FAQs