Streamlined Offer Management and Communication for Listing Agents


Boosts Listing Agent Productivity and Streamlines Communication with Sellers and Buyer’s Agents

Offer Manager helps you better serve your clients, saves you time and increases your professionalism. By automatically organizing offers by listing and keeping the buyer’s agent contact information with each offer, you can efficiently manage all offers and communicate with buyer’s agents and your sellers right from your phone.

All offers in one location

All Offers In One Place Organized by Listing

Side by side comparison

Side-by-Side Offer Comparison for Sellers

Easier communication

Easier Communication with Buyer's Agents

All Offers In One Place

Offer Manager does all the work by automatically organizing and storing offers by listing, so they’re accessible 24/7 on mobile or desktop. Listing agents no longer need to manage offers by email, and can handle multiple offers on all their listings with ease.

Offer Manager Premium Agent Screenshot

Offers Organized by Listing

All offers are automatically organized for you so you can easily see and manage all offers for each listing.

Never Miss An Offer

You can now get text, email and app notifications for new offers, making sure you never miss an offer.

Offer Instructions for Buyer’s Agents

This helps you get more complete offers and set clear expectations for buyer’s agents.

Side-by-Side Offer Comparison for Sellers

Getting multiple offers on a listing is great, but can be really time-consuming to help communicate important differences with your sellers. With Offer Manager, you no longer have to re-type all the offer details into a spreadsheet. You can send a professionally formatted Side-by-Side Comparison to your seller from your phone or laptop in about 30 seconds.

Simplifies Offers for Your Seller

Comparing offers can be confusing for sellers. This helps simplify things so you can help them understand the differences and make a decision.

Significant Time Savings

Re-typing offer details into a spreadsheet takes a lot of time. You can quickly send an offer comparison from your phone or laptop in about 30 seconds.

Increases Brand Exposure

We understand your branding is critical to your success. Your photo and logo are automatically added for you to help you reinforce your brand.

Offer comparison report example

Easier Communication with Buyer’s Agents

Since Offer Manager automatically stores the buyer’s agent’s contact information with each offer, you can easily and efficiently update them on the status of the offer. For listing agents that want to reach out directly, we make that easier so you can call or text them, or you can mass update all buyer’s agents at the same time.

Automated Read-Receipt

Buyer’s agents are notified as soon as you open their offer, saving you time while letting them know their offer was received.

1-Touch Call/Text/Email

You can easily text, email or call any buyer’s agent without having to search for their contact information.

Mass Email All Buyer’s Agents

Quickly email all agents that have shown the property with any message like ‘highest and best’ to help get the most for your seller.

Send Offer Status Notifications

Send an offer status template to the buyer’s agents letting them know the status of their offer.

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