Since we first released ShowingTime LIVE Video in 2020, we’ve received a tremendous amount of feedback from agents about steps they’ve taken to offer a seamless virtual showing experience for their clients. Inspired by that feedback and this recent article written by a broker/owner in Colorado, we’ve collected three simple tips buyer’s agents can follow to improve the quality of LIVE virtual showings for their clients.

1. Stabilize the video with a gimbal

A gimbal is a device that can you can attach to your phone to smooth out the bumps that would otherwise make for blurry video as you conduct your video walkthrough for your buyers. Gimbals are relatively inexpensive, so if you’re conducting a lot of virtual showings, a gimbal is a good investment to provide your clients with a quality virtual showing experience.

2. Invest in a good lapel mic

For many of us, learning how to conduct ourselves properly on live video remains a work in progress. While business meetings and family check-ins alike are now commonly conducted across a score of video platforms, there remain some facets of video communication that everyone can benefit from improving. While most would point to the video aspect of a virtual showing as being the aspect that will determine whether a would-be buyer decides to take the next step on a listing or not, perfecting your audio is just as vital. To take a stake in that direction, consider investing in a lapel mic. Like a gimbal, a lapel mic can be had relatively inexpensively and the improvement in audio it provides means it’s an investment that more than pays for itself.

3. Pay attention to lighting

It’s common for buyer’s agents to turn on all the lights when they take buyers into listings, so it makes sense that the same practice would hold true for virtual showings. It’s probably overkill to bring extra lights if you’re using ShowingTime LIVE Video for a virtual showing, but it’s important to be strategic with the lighting before you begin just the same. Opening a kitchen cabinet door and shooting a brief test video to see how it looks before you begin the virtual showing might lead to a better LIVE video, for example.

Hosting a virtual showing may require different considerations than you’re used to for those of the in-person variety, but with a little investment, they can be just as effective for your clients.

ShowingTime LIVE Video is available to users of ShowingTime for the MLS, the ShowingTime Appointment Center and ShowingTime Front Desk in markets around the country. To learn more about what these services offer and to see how they can meet your business needs, reach out to our sales team by clicking the button below.