Real estate professionals belonging to an MLS that has ShowingTime for the MLS installed can take advantage of a simple, quick solution to schedule showings: the ShowingCart®. If you use ShowingTime for the MLS, you’re already familiar with the highly visible ‘Schedule a Showing’ link appearing next to listings. Now you can put listings in a cart and quickly build a Buyer’s Tour.

Here’s How

The ShowingCart experience is similar to what many of us have experienced while shopping on Amazon – find items you might want to purchase, and put them in the cart. The key difference is you’re “shopping” for listings you want to show your buyer. Here’s how:

  1. Browse listings in your MLS
  2. Place those you want to see in the ShowingCart
  3. View your Buyer’s Tour on a map, arrange them logically
  4. Submit your requests all at once

ShowingCart provides an easy way to put together a day of showings, and even helps you plan out how to drive from listing to listing. In fact, you can print the map to stay on track.

ShowingCart can be accessed anytime you’re logged into the MLS, even late in the evening when you might be inclined to put a day of showings together. The beauty of it is you don’t have to play phone tag, leaving messages for listing offices that are closed for the day.

Soon after you submit your requests, confirmations will start rolling in – especially if the listing representative receives your request via text message. All they have to do is type “Y”.

You can even set your profile to receive text messages – including push notifications – so you’ll know the moment a confirmation comes in.

To learn more, contact us or feel free to ask your MLS.