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Introducing ShowingTime Live Connect

As users of the ShowingTime Appointment Center and ShowingTime Appointment Center Plus will tell you, removing the burden of managing showing request calls 24/7/365 and setting up buyer’s tours is a game changer. Offices, teams and agents that use ShowingTime...

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The ShowingTime Showing Index®, Explained

2019 marks the third year we’ve been providing monthly data with the ShowingTime Showing Index® and as we approach the next release of the latest numbers, now’s a great time to dive in to how the Showing Index can be used to help real estate professionals. The purpose...

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Using the FastStats Local Market Updates Report

Those of you who receive FastStats PDF reports are probably familiar with many of them. There are multiple reports available, though the total number and the types vary from market to market and depends on the needs of each MLS. Our most concise report, the Local...

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Social Media Influencers You Should Be Following

So, you’ve already made note of the great real estate blogs at your disposal, using the expert insight, research and tips they dispense to inform how you run your own business. Good choice! Professional blogs are a tremendous asset for the real estate industry, giving...

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3 Key Takeaways from NAR’s Aspiring Home Buyers Profile

In January, NAR released its Aspiring Home Buyers Profile, offering a wealth of great insight into the consumer preferences of those who do not own a home. Like NAR’s just-released 2019 Profile of Real Estate Firms, real estate professionals can take a lot of helpful...

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3 Surefire Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd

You pride yourself on being an expert in your local market. Problem is, so do about 50 others. As every agent knows, you have to find ways to differentiate yourself to stand out in an increasingly competitive real estate industry. Findings from NAR’s recent 2019...

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